hcg level is 2.77 14 days after egg retrieval???

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hcg level is 2.77 14 days after egg retrieval???

Postby buttercup19 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:21 pm

So i did my test today and they said that my hcg level is 2.77 the doctor wants me to continue my meds (estrogen and progesterone) until friday then we will do a check again. I feel like i know the result already. I have read that less than 5 is considered to be negative. Also, i have been in to forums and even if they said that they have low hcg levels, all of their levels are around 14 to 20. i've never read someone with a level as low as mine, i now wonder if i even have an embryo inside me (they transferred 2) i just feel so sad and devastated that not even 1 embryo implanted. Also i feel like the doctor is just giving me a false hope so i can say that she did her best and still trying even though we both know that 2.77 is a negative. im just praying for a miracle :(
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