Levels drop even with TONS of progesterone

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Levels drop even with TONS of progesterone

Postby Tw2595 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:49 pm

My husband and I have been actively ttc for over a year now, with several recurrent miscarriages. Today, I have just found out that I am miscarrying, again.

This time we made it further than we ever have with any of the previous pregnancies (4 weeks 3 days) by adding DIM throughout my entire cycle to regulate excess estrogen, and high doses of progesterone (suppositories + oil taken sublingually & on skin). Each and every one of my previous pregnancies has ended around the date of my expected period. If not the day of, a day or two later (I started spotting with this pregnancy on 16dpo and then again on 18dpo, tests getting fainter until negative on 18dpo). I took extra DIM & over 1,000mg of progesterone during the tww and after, yet my levels still began to drop at about 13dpo (adding extra progesterone only stopped the spotting on 16dpo for a day and a half). I could feel the babies starting to detach, as I always do right before a miscarriage. I have tried everything, from supplements to prescription progesterone, and yet my body does not want to give up having periods.

Has anyone else had this issue where their "time of the month" is so relentless, that even high doses of progesterone and regulated estrogen doesn't stop it from coming (and lowering levels on its way)? Can anyone offer advice?
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