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Late miscarriage last week tilted uteru

PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:49 am
by 2mamasttc
I am writing hoping to get some of this out of my heart where it is killing me on a daily bases! We were regulars here while trying to conceive in May of this year. We have a beautiful 10 year old which we conceived via IUI, and we're trying for our second. I am 35 years old and we conceived on our first try with donor sperm in June. At 6 weeks around the Fourth of July we had our first scare I was bleeding, went in for an ultrasound baby looked good, rude dr. Was very blunt in telling us that our baby might not make it. Went back to my regular RE at 8 weeks and she said baby was perfect and that they say that any time you bleed. At 9 weeks I had another bleed, ultrasound was great and sent home. My RE released me to an obgyn at this point. At 10 weeks had our first on app, ultrasound showed a beautiful baby with a strong heart beat that was running about a week too big. At this ultrasound they told us my uterus was tilted, but not to worry that it fixes itself.

At 12 I started having problem urinating, full bladder but could not pee at all. Dr. Had me come in for an ultra sound since bleeding started again. She told me everything was fine and that I had a UTI. I took azo, and antibiotics and a few hours later was able to finally pee. At 13 weeks my headaches started, horrible debilitating can't get out of bed headaches, for days at a time. At 14 weeks I told the dr. Again about the head aches, the bleeding, my problems peeing, my constipation (my poop was coming out flat). She said it was all normal pregnancy stuff and did another ultrasound once again to make sure the baby was okay. Everything was fine, but the technician had a hard time finding the baby because of my tilted uterus.

On Thursday before hurricane Irma hit us here in central Florida I started bleeding that morning. The night before I left work due to pelvic pressure that was driving me crazy and my back was killing me. Within an hour I was in horrible labor pains. We made it to the hospital only to deliver our baby in the restroom by our selves. It was a horrifying experience that I will not soon forget. Then to have to deliver the placent while holding our baby boy!! I am at a loss for words! I think I had an incarcerated uterus. But my dr. Is giving me no answers! There were extercises and repositioning that could have been done. But it's such a rare condition that they were not prepared I believe. I am in so much emotional pain!! I can't even find the words.

Re: Late miscarriage last week tilted uteru

PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:18 pm
by Julelabee
:( I'm so sorry to hear your story! This is heartbreaking! I hope and pray for you and your family. When I misscarried I wasnt as far along as you. That was hard enough but what you have gone though is just awful! Take one day at a time. Things happen for a reason even in the worst ways. I hope your a pregnant again very soon. My thought and prayers are with you. I hope your home wasn't damaged by irma. Always a rainbow baby after a storm. ;)

Re: Late miscarriage last week tilted uteru

PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:07 am
by Danaa
Im sooo sorry :( there isn't anything I could say to make you feel better!!!!
Hugs to you and your family!!!

Re: Late miscarriage last week tilted uteru

PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:12 am
by 2mamasttc
It's been 2 weeks now of crying my eyes out. I went back to work last week which I think helped. It force me to put on a smile and deal with people for 8 hours. My manager that knows has yet to speak to me about it. He completely avoids the subject. People ask how I'm doing and I say good. Sometimes I wish someone would stop me and give me a hug or atleast acknowledge the fact that I look like s**t and am not fine!

My wife has been such a rock! She crys with me when I need it and helps me with the house and handling the cremation. Which I couldn't bring myself to speak that day.

I never expected this to hurt so bad. All I do is keep busy, and argue with GOD. I have always felt so deeply connected to something beyond myself, I feel lost right now. Did any of you go to grief counseling or a support group? Did it help? Anything can trigger me right now and then I'm in full tears no matter where I am. I fear I'm not coping properly, I have a family to take care of. I have to come back from this.

Our son is 10 and he has been taking it a bit hard too. He crystal anytime he sees a baby commercial on TV. It breaks me heart. He wanted a little brother so badly! The last 4 months all him and my wife did was fight over the gender of our baby. How can I help him deal with the pain ?

Re: Late miscarriage last week tilted uteru

PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:53 pm
by Nessa05
Dear I'm so sorry you have to go through this! I couldn't hold back my tears a while I was reading your posts. Your situation is so close to mine. My husband and I are trying to conceive for 8 long years. We had six miscarriages and each of them was killing me. My doctors were telling me so much stuff which was so confusing each time. No one should lose their children! I understand how much hope you had for this pregnancy. Each time I believed that everything will be okay though previous failures don't ever let me to relax and be calm.

It breaks my heart when I read about your 10 year old. I hope you find the right words to sooth yours and his pain. I wish you to be strong! Give yourself some time and some space. I was thinking about visiting some support groups or specialist. The thing is I don't like to talk about my miscarriages. As soon as I start talking I start crying and I can’t stop. Now I feel like I'm not ready yet to talk about what happened. Maybe later I will be able to open up... For now I decided two came here on this forum. I don't regret as I receive support and advises I needed so much. I had to quit my job because everyone was looking at me with pity. They were asking me how I feel all the time. It was hard for me because I hate it when people feel sorry for me. Anyway there is still hope for us and I believe we will have our chance to become parents.