three early miscarriages

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three early miscarriages

Postby lindamike » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:24 am

"Hey everyone.We tried for 2yrs. Had three early miscarriages (unexplained), tried Clomid for 3 cycles, underwent every test imaginable, tried everything (acupuncture, cleanses, exercising more, all the old wives tales.) Hit our 2yr anniversary of TTC and we were busy moving so didn't pay the usual attention to timing everything and voila, DD was our sticky baby. Same thing with my good friend, it took her just over 18mos, her second round of Clomid worked. We just celebrated her DD's 1st birthday.I have one more story to share that always brings me to tears. My friend and her hubby tried for 3yrs to get pregnant, they had some issues that made IVF highly unlikely to work, so they (very sadly) decided not to go into debt over potentially nothing. 4yrs later she goes in for surgery on her ear and during the pre-op check, they tell her they can't do the surgery because she's PREGNANT! Not only that, she finds out she's 14wks pregnant. She thought she was going through early menopause. Nope. The miracle happened lots of love and happiness was there.
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