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Recently diagnosed with PCOS in UK - looking for support

Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:29 am

Hi Everyone

I hope your all doing well?

My names Fiona and I live in the UK and I was hoping to get some support from ladies with PCOS trying to conceive?

A little background, I'm 29 (30 at the end of July) and my DH is also 29 (30 later this year) we got married mid April 2016 and I came off the pill end of April.

When I was about 15 I had blood tests and a scan to check if I have PCOS as I had excess body hair and it came back borderline. It was fine then as I was young and just put on the pill to help with it, however now me and my DH are TTC it's become an issue.

We have tried as I say since May last year and in Jan this year after 9 months with no BFP, I decided I should go to the Dr's to get checked out as I suspected I did definitely have PCOS. Blood tests were normal but my recent scan showed I do have Polycystic ovaries.

My periods have been irregular (anywhere from 27 days to 45 days) I have temped which some months seem to show ovulation and used OPKs which showed a definite elevation in LH then back to negative. (I know women with PCOS tend to have higher levels of LH so OPKs aren't always reliable).

I'm due to go to my Dr's on Thur for a discussion about next steps, I presume DH will need to be checked out and if he is ok I will be given some medication to help me ovulate?

I have recently made some healthy lifestyle changes and have lost 15lbs in 5 weeks as I read losing weight can help kick start ovulation?

Anyway sorry that went on much longer than I had intended but I'd love to hear from you ladies who have been through this and can give me some help, advice, success stories etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Re: Recently diagnosed with PCOS in UK - looking for support

Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:49 am

Hi feefee, I've just seen you post and wanted to say hi. And find out the outcome of your appointment last month?

Your story could be my story! I suspected PCOS too when I was at university and like you was given the pill. I got married in May 2015 came off the pill and immediately realised we were in trouble! I wish I hadn't been on the pill for so many years as all it did was mask the issue. My cycles are 36-49 days. I've now had 16 complete cycles, two I didn't ovulate on and two resulted in BFP but I went on to early miscarriage.

I went to the dr after a year ttc and was given the same tests & scans as you. Bloods were normal too but the scan showed polycystic ovaries. I really wanted to be put on clomid to shorten my cycles but the dr insisted on a hycosy first. I though it was pointless as having been pregnant I assumed my tubes were fine - but this is protocol so I suspect this will be your next step too before they give you the meds.

This is where things went wrong for tubes were fine but unfortunately the test revealed a 4cm Endometrioma (chocolate cyst) on my ovary, and suspected stage IV endo. Our next step will be removal via laparoscopy and then IVF. We're now private as waiting times with the NHS is rediculous. When they put me on the waiting list to be on the waiting list for the lap we knew enough was enough!

So we're about two years now into our ttc journey. It has been an interesting, educating, stressful and at times sad journey. It sounds unlikely but me and DH are closer than ever. I try to take the positives since I can't change what we've been through. How are you coping? Your weight loss is really good! I think you're absolutely right it can kick start ovulation. I managed to reduce my ovulation day by around 10 days through diet, so it's still long but not as long!

Fingers crossed for you! xxx

Re: Recently diagnosed with PCOS in UK - looking for support

Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:31 am

Hi Nic

Thank you for the reply and for explaining your situation it's great to know others are in a similar position!

The CD3 bloods were all in normal ranges and I've just had the CD21 blood results back which doesn't confirm either way if I've ovulated or not? I do suspect I went in a couple of days too early as the levels were high just not enough to confirm ovulation.

DH's SA came back in normal ranges so that's good!

Not seeing the Dr for two more weeks so will see then when they can do to help?

I'm trying to remain positive but it's hard when everyone around me is falling pregnant!

I'm really hoping the weight loss kick starts things and we get lucky in the next couple of months so we don't have to go on a long waiting list for help!

Good luck to you and your DH!


Re: Recently diagnosed with PCOS in UK - looking for support

Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:44 pm

The day 21 test is so ambiguous - Ive been told it's day 21 unless you have long cycles when it should be done 7 days before your menses, but if you know that then you know you've ovulated.....

You've done the right thing though I reckon doing it day 21 because if it was slightly too early and your levels are low then your dr is more likely to refer you. I made the mistake of doing the test 7 days before my menses and it later worked against me because the fertility specialist said I was fine because I was ovulating, I tried to explain it was done on day 36 and was certainly NOT fine but they wouldn't listen.

Hopefully you will get lucky over the next few months but it doesn't harm getting the referral just in case as it will shorten the overall process should you need it.

I'd really push for a referral from your GP, hopefully they will be understanding. Good luck, let me know how you get on? X

Re: Recently diagnosed with PCOS in UK - looking for support

Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:13 am

Hi Nic

I'm not really on here much as seeing so many people around me fall pregnant recently has made me really upset so I've take a step back from temping, OPKs etc.

We finally got to see our nice Dr and she has decided to refer us to a local hospital for fertility help given my obvious PCOS. We are just waiting to hear from them for a first appointment then go from there!

In the mean time my periods have settled in to a 28 day cycle thanks to my 2st 2lb loss in the last 3 months so I'm hoping that has regulated things and I might be ovulating myself! I'm currently 5dpo and waiting to find out what's happened this month!

I hope your well?

Re: Recently diagnosed with PCOS in UK - looking for support

Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:04 am

feefee87 - great news, I keep my fingers for a positive outcome

Re: Recently diagnosed with PCOS in UK - looking for support

Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:35 am

Thanks Mimi!
We finally had our appt last week and I need to have a HSG to rule out any blockages in my tubes. I have to wait until CD1 to ring up and book in for it as they can only do it CD6-10 so need to wait a couple more weeks!
Then we go back for a follow up mid October and decide on the treatment going forward!
Hopefully the test helps clear out any blockages as I've heard this does happen and people get pregnant afterwards so I'm hoping this might be the case?

TTC 2 years, extreme PCOS endo and thyroid

Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:32 pm

I have been following forums here for over 2 years. J am a classic case of pcos since I was 13. Period cycles ranged from 25-45. At 31, after 5 yrs of marriage my husband and I wished for a baby. Knowing my situation We had already ran tests and consulted doctors after marriage to know if there was something to worry about. All tests for me and him came out great. Except that it was hard to track when I ovulated everything seemed great. Our doc had said try for 6 months and if something doesn't work out, come to me. We tried religiously, but no luck. But we also knew 6 months was short and we needed to be patient. We went to him and he reassured us saying we could get pregnant naturally and so he doesn't want us to go through any treatments. He helped us by simply doing a follicular study and letting us know when to do the deed. 2 more cycles and nothing..I have also always had cysts and doc said it was harmless. But in my 3rd cycle with follicular study I kept complaining of pain every time we had sex. So the doc investigated more. I had a corpus Ltm cyst which was very large by then. So he performed a laparoscopy on me. The surgery and recovery wasted 2 cycles for me. At this point doc suggested I start Iui. We did 3 cycles with no luck, then he suggested ivf. At this point we were shattered. Esp me, I just couldn't understand when everything was ok y I couldn't get pregnant. A friend suggested to take a second opinion. We went to one of the top docs in the city. When she met us she said we have no issues and the cases coming to her are absolutely extreme. She told me I shud do 3 more iuis. When I said I was worried now since my amh was dropping, so wanted to go for ivf straight. She somehow convinced me for 1 iui. Only condition Shen put is I had to follow strict instructions from her on my diet. She made me stop all processed foods, have only organic stuff, only virgin olive oil for any cooking and one Avacado a day. I was also borderline thyroid patient. Had mildly high progesterone. So I started pills for both. We went for it and did one iui- no luck. After this she too decided on ivf. I was so tired with 18 months of constant medications and injections that I just snapped and refused to do anything. My body had changed, my skin was worsening and hair was dry like grass. I told my husband I am not willing to do anything. Doc gave me a diet routine, exercise routine and asked me To think about it. My husband took a few days and talked to me to convince me not to waste more time since my amh was low. I had no choice and said yes. We went back to the doc in 5 days and she started me on her injections meds etc. On CD19 she checked and found nothing to worry so put me on a pill that doesn't get period (not advised if you concieve) . This pill is supposed to give a good lining for next period which in effect gives good eggs . 5 days later I had to stop the pill and CD 28 my period shud have come. It did not. Since I was always a case of weird timeline I waited. Cd33 and still nothing. I was not willing to take an HPt as the disappointment was something I wasn't ready to face. And besides it was very normal for me to get period after 40 days. At cd37 I caved in to my husbands pressure and took an HPT. And it was a BFP!! Next day we did blood work and it came back positive. But my hcg was low and I was on those pills for 5 days which the doc worried could interfere. So we did not celebrate until after 6 weeks.

I have been petrified ever since. I am 12 weeks now, baby is growing fine and we also have a heart beat!!

I just want to tell you ladies that keep the faith! Miracles do happen but most importantly positivity helps. My husband is a big fan of the book secret and he swears to me that he had always told himself we would get pregnant naturally. And it happened in spite of us being in middle of a treatment. He had apparently put it on his calendar and believe it or not we got the news in the same month.

Ladies pcos is difficult, but does not mean we can't get pregnant. Working on my diet, exercise and having little support of medicines for good quality eggs has helped me. So keep the faith and be strong!

I just hope my story gives some encouragement to pcos out there.

Re: Recently diagnosed with PCOS in UK - looking for support

Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:13 am

Hi anyone still following this post, I've just found this post for the first time and thought I'd reach out with a bit of a positive injection. I won't go in to great detail but I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teens, I'm now 28 and my female partner and I got pregnant on our first round of IUI treatment. Our son has just turned 1 and were in the middles of IUI to try for a second child. There's always hope, but I know how life consuming it can be. I consider myself blessed, don't lose hope guys.
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