PCOS, metformin, provera, clomid

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PCOS, metformin, provera, clomid

Postby JGarcia » Sat Apr 27, 2013 2:15 pm

Hi ladies. I was diagnosed with PCOS about a yr and a half ago, but I know I had it long before. Got my first period at 10 yrs old and was never regular. Plus I always had severe hair issues. Anyway, I did manage to get pregnant naturally 8 yrs ago. Today I have a beautiful healthy 7 yr old daughter. However, I've never been able to conceive since. I've been trying on and off for several yrs and nothing. When I waa diagnosed with PCOS, I was put on Met and about 2 months later, I began my period regularly for the first time ever. I got it every month for 11 months. Then it stopped. Came back after 2 months and came twice on that month. Then it stopped again for 4 months until I started Provera last month and it immediately came back. So after AF, I did the Clomid 3-7. Today is cd37. I took an HPT on cd32 and got a negative. For some reason though, I think I ovulated super late, like cd30/31 and perhaps need to wait longer to test. I've been experiences some symptoms similar to when I was prego with my daughter. Anyway, I just wanted to find some support on here from women who have been through similar and ovulate super late. I'm getting really depressed and wonder if I will ever be able to conceive again.
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Re: PCOS, metformin, provera, clomid

Postby JessicaSanchez » Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:39 am

Hi Garcia!!!!
I also have pcos. I did the same protocol as you and didn't not work for me. Are you being monitored? Mid cycle ulta sounds? It sounds like your not because when then do a vaginal u/s they can see the follies and how close you are to the big O. If your not being monitored you could maybe try opks? They are very cheap on eBay. Who knows if your even ovulate on such a low dose. I didn't not even respond to clomid. One cycle I took 7 days at 200mg. I did 3 rounds of clomid before decided to do injections. Maybe you just need a higher dose and monitored closely. This cycle I've been going in for blood work and u/s evey 3 days!!!! Today is CD 19 I have a u/s later today. Good luck. Message me if you need supposed or need to talk. Baby dust!!!!!
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CYCLE 4---4/13/2013 CD3 Started 75iu menopur/ metfor 2000
4/17 CD7 u/s shows no growth E2 22
4/9 CD9 Menopur goes up to 112.5iu
4/20 CD10 u/s shows 1 small follie and tons of tiny ones. E2 38
4/23 CD13 u/s shows follies still the same. E2 41 :(
4/25 CD15 Menopur goes up to 150iu
4/26 CD16 E2 135 2x6mm
4/29 CD!9 E2 dropped to 51 2x7mm
5/3 CD23 follie @22cm!!! E2 51 AGAIN! TRIGGER
5/4 CD24------FIRST IUI 5/8 PROG@.54 :(
CYCLE 5---5/20 CD3 sono no cysts starting menopur at 150iu woohoo
5/24 CD 7 E2@ 38 TWO follies 5mm 7mm meds up to 225iu
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Re: PCOS, metformin, provera, clomid

Postby Enthusiasm4life » Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:11 am

The doctors always told me I had pcos but after starting clomid and than affixing in metformin the cysts went away and ovaries appeared normal. Just hormone in balance is what causes cysts, have they found the root of the problem? I mean just slapping on a diagnosis of pcos isn't fair because usually there is an underlying problem! But sometimes it can be a family history of too!
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Re: PCOS, metformin, provera, clomid

Postby Menehune » Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:23 pm

Hi JGarcia!

I also have PCOS. I've been on met since Nov 2012 and have tried several clomid/IUI cycles. All BFNs and we are now moving to IVF. Every cycle on clomid I had 26-28 day cycles, except one cruelly long cycle of 33 days. So, it is possible to ovulate late while on clomid. Crossing my fingers for you that this could be it! But, don't lose hope...keep at it. Work with your RE and don't be afraid to ask questions!

Baby dust,
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Re: PCOS, metformin, provera, clomid

Postby JGarcia » Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:57 pm

Thanks for replying ladies! I haven't been monitored. Unfortunately medicaid recipients don't get all that, lol. They slapped me with a prescription and sent me on my way. I was using opks for a little while but ran out and got discouraged so I gave up. I have an appointment on the 1st and I will be pushimg my doc for monitoring because why should I spend all this money on pills that aren't working for me? Hopefully I am ovulating!
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