Newly Diagnosed, Thin/Mild PCOS

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Newly Diagnosed, Thin/Mild PCOS

Postby FingersCrossed0220 » Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:13 pm

Ever since my cycles started (age15) I always knew something was off with my hormones. My cycles have never been regular, anywhere from 32-45ish days long, maybe longer but I didn't start keeping close track until recently. I went on BCP when I got married (age21) and took them for 3 years until this past december when DH and i decided to ttc. Immediately after going off bcp my cycles went right back to being irregular. I also have acne which got a little better while i was on bcp but got bad again when i stopped. I am tall and thin, 5'11" 135lbs. I am also a labor and delivery nurse and so I recognized the PCOS symptoms immediately. My father is a GYN so I requested to have my hormone levels checked and lo and behold my testosterone and DHEA were high, my LH was high and my progesterone showed that I had not ovulated. My father gave me an unofficial diagnosis of PCOS and sent me to an RE who officialy diagnosed me with lean/mild PCOS. He called it mild because I am thin, my testosterone is only "slightly" elevated and I do not have hirsutism. He diagnosed me mostly based on my irregular cycles and acne. He sounded very confident (which was releiving) and said that because I am young (24) with only mild PCOS it should not be difficult getting me pregnant. He said he has never had a 24 year old patient that he was not able to get pregnant, which made me feel better, but I still cannot help but feel scared and upset. I will be starting on Clomid once my next cycle starts, whenever that may be, I am on cycle day 42 and no AF yet. RE said Clomid should work well for me and did not mention doing a trigger shot or checking mid cycle for follicles, is this something I should request? I have read so many stories of Clomid not working for women with PCOS and even though my RE sounds confident I cannot help but be worried. Any lean PCOSers with success stories on clomid would be much appreciated right now :)
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Re: Newly Diagnosed, Thin/Mild PCOS

Postby pcos_prayer&patience » Thu May 09, 2013 8:37 am

Hi FingersCrossed! Your story is very similar to mine... I am a thin/mild PCOSer also! I just started seeing my RE last month. I did 3 rounds of Clomid with my GYN and then she referred me onto a RE. The clomid didn't work for me.. but I only did 50mg. My GYN wouldn't up my dosage because the clomid thinned my lining to much. My RE just started me on Letrozole(Femara) this cycle so I am hoping it is the answer for me. I know exactly how you feel though, it is frustrating. I am 25 & my RE was extremely optimistic! He said it shouldn't be to difficult to get me pregnant & that it is just a matter of finding the right medication. So unfortunately, I don't have a clomid success story but I just wanted you to know that I do know how you feel! Good luck on your TTC Journey!!!
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Re: Newly Diagnosed, Thin/Mild PCOS

Postby Menehune » Thu May 16, 2013 5:33 pm

Hi! Clomid didn't work for me, but I know it worked for a lot of PCOS-ers out there!

I'm on metformin, which is another drug that lots of PCOS-ers have had success with (alone or in combination w/ clomid). Side effects are brutal initially, but maybe this is something else to consider with your doc.

I envy your youth! Good job getting started with treatment now. I joke that I spent my 20s trying not to get pregnant, and my 30s trying to get pregnant. Best wishes!
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