Lack of pcos symptoms , could this be my BFP????

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Lack of pcos symptoms , could this be my BFP????

Postby Rachellexxx » Tue May 28, 2013 11:31 am

Hi all!! :-)

Was diagnosed with pcos in November 2012 after deciding to 'try' for a baby and stopping using contraception in July 2012 .

I was diagnosed after convincing myself I was pregnant ( due to lack of periods , stomach cramps , back ache, tired , grumpy & emotional ) which turned out I wasn't pregnant and had pcos - devastated at the thaught I'd never have my own little bundle of joy .

Since then I have been keeping track of periods which seem to be every 39 days apart . Most cycles I convince myself I am pregnant - and then POAS and surprise surprise - negative .

I usually constantly have 'ovary pain' quite sever , most days . However for the past 10 days I have felt good - I've not had any pain as such , just the odd sort of flutter in lower belly . No back ache , no headache , no sore boobs ... Non of the symptoms I have all month every month and usually think I'm pregnant , I've been suffering with pcos pains since my diagnosis - constantly , so the fact I haven't had any is BRILL !! Yet I can't help but wonder why these aches and pains I usually have an have had for so long have all of a sudden gone ?? The only thing I've noticed is massive fatigue ( could be due to working alot ) and feeling major major major thirsty . Sex drive has gone , not like me , I'm usually a raging nympho and like to get jiggy anytime any place haha ! Tmi sorry .

All my previos cycles I genuinely believe I'm pregnant . And turn out not to be . This cycle I feel tottally the opposite and have the mindset of 'well I can't be pregnant '

Sorry for waffling on I just wondered if anyone else has experienced a lack of usual symptoms of pcos then turned out to get there BFP ?? Or any other opinions would be greatly appreciated :-)

Baby dust to all !! Xxx
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Re: Lack of pcos symptoms , could this be my BFP????

Postby Menehune » Tue May 28, 2013 12:16 pm

Depending on where you are in your cycle, you should test!

Best wishes!
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