Who wants to school up the new kid?!

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Who wants to school up the new kid?!

Postby someday15 » Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:48 am

DH and I are not actively ttc. (Though i would love to, DH isnt ready yet.) We have Been utilizing the pull out method for about three years. Completely successfully, just a few scares. I'm not overweight. Yet the doctor told me I have cystic ovaries. My husbands first question was, will that make it hard to conceive? The doctor said we wouldn't know till we gave it a try. He also said if I wanted to know more just to come back in in a week. But he thought that since we aren't ttc, it shouldn't bother us until we wants kids. :( that just leaves me feeling all doubtful and sad. Has anyone else used the pullout method so successfully? Suggestions? Any one ever hear of PCOS without weight gain or acne or anything else?
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Re: Who wants to school up the new kid?!

Postby Wanabamommy » Sat Jun 01, 2013 3:08 pm

Hi! I have pcos and have known since I was 14- I was until recently active and fit. I never had a problem with weight. Acne runs in my family and me and another sibling have the least amount.. So it's possible to have pcos and not have all of the symptoms.. We have been ttc actively since October 2012, no luck yet but this is our second cycle of clomid which has great reviews of success stories.. I have been on and off bc before ttc and knowing how hard it is for me to conceive, I probably wouldn't have used any lol.. Just know its not impossible to get pregnant but it can definitely be a challenge but there are a lot of options for women with pcos to help get pregnant.. Do you have regular cycles? Ovulate on your own??
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Re: Who wants to school up the new kid?!

Postby Forthebirds » Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:22 am

I think it all depends on your cycles. Are you regular? How did the dr diagnose you with PCOS? I have PCOS, I am slightly overweight, but I have been responding really well to the Metformin treatment. It hasn't regulated my cycles yet (I pretty much never ovulate unless I take medication). I do think if I can lose the last 10 lbs I will be back on track, but hopefully I will be pregnant by then!

I went a very long time (like 8 years) undiagnosed. I too used the pull-out method of BC and now I know why it worked so well ;-).

I would start by charting your cycles and temping every morning. If you do that coupled with OPKs (I recommend Clear Blue Easy digital that also detects estrogen surge) you should be able to tell 1. if you are ovulating and 2. pinpoint the day of ovulation. If you have a few months of this information, it will make things a lot easier if you do decide to try Clomid or Femara or something like that. Also there are lots of good vitamins out there. Also you should probably consider a semen analysis for DH! Just so you know what you are dealing with!

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