Advice welcome :)

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Advice welcome :)

Postby Babyno.2 » Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:34 pm

I posted this in the Ovulation section also since I was unaware of an entire section dedicated to pcos!

Hi everyone, I'm new to this board. I have a 22 month old and were currently ttc baby #2. I've struggled with thyroid issues since I had my daughter and it caused me to bleed for two months straight. I was out on provera to stop the bleeding and it didnt work. I had an ultrasound done and my dr. said there were cysts on my ovaries and she thinks we caught the beginning of pcos. Thank god we caught it early and she put me on zovia for two months to stop the bleeding and make cysts go away. Well, we did another ultrasound and it worked! More good news, my thyroid has also regulated itself so my dr says I'm finally healthy enough to start ttc. It's my first month off bc and I'm now on day 12, but still have not gotten my bfp on ovulation tests.

I know many women don't ovulate their first month off bc but since I was only on it for two months, I'm hoping I'll be different! Even though I haven't got my bfp yet, were still bding about every other day.

Today I've noticed some ewcm. Does this mean i might ovulate soon? I'm using the Babi ovulation test strips and its the first time I've done this. How often should I be testing? Is anyone else in the same boat as me or experienced my health issues?
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Re: Advice welcome :)

Postby aim...pos » Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:03 am

Hey there, I'm new to this site and don't usually blog, but saw your situation and thought it was pretty similar to mine. I was diagnosed with pcos about 2 years ago after coming off birth control. Even though I wasn't really over weight or anything, I decided to change my lifestyle, began exercising more, eating healthier etc, and my periods began to regulate. Anyway, since last October we have been ttc with no success. Then it was discovered to my horror, that I had a cancerous lump on my thyroid and I had to have a total thyroidectomy last March. Since then my periods have been really erratic and I don't think I'm ovulating.

I started to use the clear blue fertility monitor, based on the fact my cycles had been pretty regular, but since the thyroidectomy (almost 4 months now) my periods have been almost non-existent! Arrgh, very frustrated as this won't exactly help with ttc. About your question with the ovulation kits, I'm not sure, but when I used the cbfm it showed be 4 'high days' , but no peaks.

My doc told me my hormone levels were good after the op, so don't know why my periods haven't regulated. Do you have regular cycles?
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