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loosing weight with pcos, did it help you?

Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:11 am

Hello, I have pcos (undiagnosed) I know my hormones are mixed up, currently over weight but I am currently loosing it, 2stone so far, I know most woman with pcos don't have periods or if they do its months between, well my cycles are 39days give or take, I'm not on any fertility drugs iv lost this weight naturally by exercising and dieting. My question really is has anyone here with pcos lost weight and found it helped towards getting a BFP, what else did you do to increase your chances? I have been TTC for 3years and iv never fallen pregnant. Thanks :)

Re: loosing weight with pcos, did it help you?

Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:06 pm

Would love to hear peoples answers! I have diagnosed PCOS with a BMI of 26 I was on clomid for a long time which helped me ovulate but never got that bfp. My cycles are anywhere from 3 months + . Am getting back into the healthy lifestyle and going to start seeing a naturopath next month with Chinese herbs as well. I have noticed in the past when I have gone back to natural foods my cycle seem to shorten a lot I even got them four months in a row at CD31 which just shows it does work! But would still love to hear success stories :) as of course it gives hope and motivation to keep going strong.
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