Still ttc #1

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Still ttc #1

Postby sm859 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:33 pm

hi ladies im not sure where to put this but here is my story. i am still ttc #1 since sept 2011 and cant seem to get my bfp :( . we have used everything we bd everyday in my fertile window, opks,temp, fertilecm, preseed, exercise, diet you name it we did it. i have not went to a dr bc i do not have insurance. for the past months i noticed more facial hair and chin and lip growning...embarrassing for me :( . i been reading online and my kinda associated with pcos due to high testosterone levels. i have af every month ranging from 28-34 days. not heavy and hardly any cramps at all. just wondering if any of you are in the same situation and can help me. thanks in advance.
**Diagnosed with pcos and slightly elevated testosterone 3/2014 :(
Currently on 2000mg of metformin a day**
28-34 day cycles, ovulation between cd15-cd20. Just bding ;) and preseed!

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Re: Still ttc #1

Postby TheMrsG » Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:46 pm

Hi! I'm new to the forums..
I too have been diagnosed with PCOS. I was diagnosed last October; we have been TTC for 14 months. I was put on 6 rounds of Chlomid that did nothing with helping us concieve. I started taking "Female Hormone" a natural pill I got at the Good Food Store in my town and Milk Thistle as well (trying to go more natural since the Dr drugs didn't help my case) and for the first time in many months I got a positive OPK.
I'm thinking maybe these are helping me?? Maybe they are something for you to try to. I know how hard PCOS is and how stressful it can make TTC. At least you are having normal cycles!!! That should be a positive thing because I know with mine my cycles are hard to track because they are so irregular. I hope the best for you and lots of Baby Dust!
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Re: Still ttc #1

Postby 80's Baby » Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:48 am

Oh, hun. The facial hair is awful, isn't it? Mine started getting bad a few years ago. I don't leave the house without a pair of tweezers. I had to make it my new years resolution to STOP shaving my upper lip and pluck instead. (no easy task). And the hair is so course, wax won't pull it.
My husband and I did ntnp for a while with no results, and actively tried for 18 months before we conceived our daughter naturally. My cycles were not as regular as yours. I actually got pregnant during a 67 day cycle. My last period was mid-December, and we conceived in February. When I finally tested (because my mother made me) I figured I had to have misread the test I took in January. But at my first u/s, they told me I just got pregnant at the end of a very long cycle.
Have you tried black cohosh? Supposedly, it works like a natural clomid, and tricks your body into producing more estrogen.
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Re: Still ttc #1

Postby Okyla » Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:06 pm

Electrolysis. My savior.

And to add to natural remedies, soy isoflavones can also mimic Clomid. Do your research!

Red raspberry leaf tea up until ovulation for uterine strength. I love it cold.

What have been the results of your OPKs?
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