Dr. Appt. today...

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Dr. Appt. today...

Postby hopefullymommy » Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:03 am

So I had a Dr. Appt. today and discussed TTC with her. She is doing some blood testing for me... checking thyroid and insulin resistance, and I'm not sure exactly what but she said she was going to test ovarian function (didn't give me the specific hormones). I have an ultrasound tomorrow to check on ovaries/ cysts and uterine lining. And another appointment on Jan. 20 when we will go over results from blood work and ultrasound and discuss clomid! I'm super excited and nervous LOL

Anyone have any experience with metformin? She said if I have insulin resistance that is what we will try...

And any info on clomid? I don't know a lot about it... TIA!

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Re: Dr. Appt. today...

Postby kittykat722 » Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:59 pm

Hi there!

Im on Metformin Extended Release 1500mg daily and I've had the usual GI issuses. Although they seem to be getting better now, I take mine with meals and it helps. I've been on it for almost 6 weeks so this was my first full cylce on it and it helped that's for sure. My cycles are normally 36-60 days but this cycle on Met was 26 days. So if you do need to take it, see if they will give you extended release as it will help with the yucky side effects!

No advice on the clomid since I haven't taken it but I have read that the combo of Met/clomid works wonders for lots of ladies with PCOS! Good luck to you! Sending tons of babydust!
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