Tired of Trying for a Baby

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Tired of Trying for a Baby

Postby Anouschka » Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:57 am

I've been trying for the last one year and I feel tired, I'm a 28 year old (overweight) and my husband is 33, we've been trying for a baby for almost a year but nothing:-(. We went to a fertility doctor were he suggested I should do some blood test and so does my husband. I have low egg count and I have mild pcos so I was put on metformin once a day 500mg.

My husband was sent for a sperm test, were he was found that he was suffering from very low count and low motility, and the doc told us my husband to repeat the test again and if end up with the same results it's better if we stop trying naturally and we go for lexi (IVF)

In the meantime I bought my husband Vitabiotics Wellman conception and Wellwoman pregnacare, I wish that I'm here sharing my BFP story but ...We're still trying maybe we'll have naturally......can someone help us or give any ideas please.
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