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Postby tiffne » Sat Aug 23, 2014 2:13 pm

Hi all!
I'm currently on round 4 of clomid for my PCOS that was diagnosed in feb. I'm trying my best to do everything right to make this happen and it just doesn't seem to help. So now I'm trying to add supplements. So far I'm only taking, a multivitamin, 5000mcg biotin (to help with my hair :oops: ) and just started 2000iu of D3 daily. Just trying to see what other supplements I could add to better my chances. TIA!
Me (25) Dx with PCOS Feb 2014
Dh (29) Morph 4%, Motility 38%, Low volume @.06
Dss (7)

Clomid Round 5: :bfp: 8dpo 10/08/14
U/S @5w3d= TWINS!! :baby: :baby:
U/S @7w2d= Baby A 7+2 :hb: 99, Baby B 7+2 :hb: 149
U/S @9w2d= Baby A 9+3 :hb: 180, Baby B 9+3 :hb: 181
U/S @12w6d= Baby A 13+2 :hb: 162, Baby B 13+4 :hb: 151
U/S@17w6d= Baby A :babyg: :hb: 152, Baby B :babyb: :hb: 146
U/S@24w= Baby A 1lb 8oz :hb: 158, Baby B 1lb 7oz :hb: 163



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