Hair, hair, every-frickin-where :(

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Re: Hair, hair, every-frickin-where :(

Postby perry261 » Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:54 pm

Hi everyone. Hope it is ok if i join in on the conversation. I have had the hair issue as well. I get it really bad on my chin and upper lip. I also get it on my stomach. It wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt dark black hair. I also have thinning hair on my head. I have been taking vitex for a few months now and it did help me. Since taking it my hair comes in slower and patches hear and their have stopped completely. I also have thicker hair on my head now. Have any of yall tried it? It also helped me with my acne which was bad. I started taking it right before my diagnosis because PCOS ran in my family and i just assumed that is what was wrong with me.
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