CD 46. No period. BFN. Feeling ill

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CD 46. No period. BFN. Feeling ill

Postby graysmama » Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:02 pm

Normally I wouldn't be overly panicky about a long cycle. Average is 35-38 days but sometimes get anovulatory cycles that last up to 49 days. I'm CD 46. Not sure I ovulated this cycle as we are super busy getting ready to move next week and I wasn't temping. I often don't ovulate. Sex was the 6th, 17th and the 21st. My husband recently started prozac and his sex drive has been lowered as a side effect.

Mainly I'm worried because how ill I am feeling. Last week Monday and Tuesday I was feeling overly hungry but by wednesday nauseated and cramping. The cramping and nauseous feeling has gotten worse especially the nausea. Had a lot of sharp pains in my pelvis that come and go over the weekend but that seems to be done today. The cramping has subsided into a dull ache with occasional sharp pains starting up and mostly just queasy. Some headaches but mostly dizzy and tired. Horrible metallic taste in my mouth. No bleeding or spotting just wet cm. Having trouble sleeping. Shivering but no fever. PMs usually is a day or two of feeling irritable and cramping.

I've taken multiple pregnancy tests and they are all negative so that doesn't seem to be it. I have an appointment with my doctor in the morning and am very scared something is horribly wrong. I've never had a cycle like this before.
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