Prolonged periods

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Prolonged periods

Postby Stampy1 » Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:03 pm

I've been trying to conceive for 8 months. We haven't been trying hard because we thought it would happen naturally, within a few months. However, when I went off BC, I had two regular periods. I tried an ovulation kit the second month and I did ovulate (but we got into an argument around that time so we didn't try.) On the third month off birth control, I got a period that wouldn't stop. After a month of bleeding, my doctor gave me progesterone to end the cycle.

I stopped bleeding for two or three weeks, then I bled again for a month. Again, I had to take progesterone to end it. However, it still didn't end. Two ultrasounds came back normal, with no cysts and a normal amount of follicles.

I'm on norethindrone to stop the bleeding (5mg 2x per day) and it still hasn't stopped (it's now light but still not gone.) So my doctor is upping it to 5mg 4x a day for two weeks. The doctor also prescribed me antibiotics for 14 days in case it is a low grade infection that is causing the bleeding.

Today, I had a hysterosonogram. The nurse practitioner was quick to insert the catheter. It hurt and was uncomfortable but it wasn't so bad that I cried. When they took the catheter out, they kept the balloon in cervix for a hot second to let all the saline drain out. I've felt bloated, crampy, and tender all day.

The hysterosonogram revealed that everything was normal. No fibroids or polyps that are causing my bleeding. So at this point the doctor thinks it is hormonal. The doctor thinks I am not ovulating so my periods don't end.

So the doctor thinks I should take clomid and get pregnant, which would stop the bleeding. I'm not sold on the idea. I'd rather treat the underlying issue and then try to get pregnant naturally for a little while before resorting to clomid. I'm under 30 and have a normal amount of follicles so I'm worried about a multiple birth with a fertility drug. A girl I went to high school with had triplets!

I have an appointment with an endocrinologist, who hopefully will look into my specific hormone levels and figure out how to stop the bleeding without the use of birth control or fertility drugs.

Has anyone had anything similar?
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