Dark brown bleed and pcos

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Dark brown bleed and pcos

Postby savannasweets » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:20 am

Hi i am 34 yrs old and ttc #1, married last year aug. A mth after wedding i went to see gynae due to irregular period - i get it every mth on random days so its hard to calculate ovulation days. Doc diagnosed me as pcos and gave me clomid. I do not hv pcos symptoms except for irregular period. Took clomid about 5 cycles - some months doc found the "egg" , some didnt.

On n off ive been getting spotting but nothing to worrisome as it ends after 1-2 days. About 2- 3 mths ago, i started taking chia seeds, lecithin granules as i read it will help out with hormones imbalance.
Coincidently i started getting non stop brown bleed n my new gynae ( i went for another gynae as i felt the first one wasnt trying to fix the root cause) prescribed me with provera. It stop the bleed n i had heavy period as expected. I stayed clean for 1 week then the dark colored bleed start again. Its not heavy just panty liner kind but its bothering me. Gynae #2 did vaginal scan on me but she doesnt see that i have " string of pearls" cyst as one of the symptom for pcos.

I would like to know if anyone has encountered similar situation and what did u do to stop the bleed? I hv just started going for acupunturist too.

Would love to hear your experiences. Thanks!
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