Anyone have success after Ovarian Drilling!?

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Anyone have success after Ovarian Drilling!?

Postby JessieJackson » Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:51 pm

Hi All!

I am new to these boards and am so grateful that I found a great community for support during this stressful time! I wish I would have found these boards sooner to be honest!

SO to give some background....

We have been trying to conceive for almost 6 years. When we got married, I was 23 years old. We stayed on birth control for about a year after we got married. We started TTC in Dec 2009. I always remembered having irregular periods up to this point and always thought in the back of my mind that I would have trouble getting pregnant. Turns out, I was right!

After stopping birth control, I kept having brown spotting every other week. About two months after that, I went to my OB/GYN who said that it was a sign that I wasn't ovulating. She prescribed Clomid which I took for 3 months. When I didn't have any positive response to Clomid, she referred me to a local fertility specialist.

After some tests, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS and put on fertility medication - Femara. I also was taking Metformin during this time as well to help with the PCOS. I had a couple of months of positive blood work showing that the medication was working, but still no positive pregnancy tests. After a year and a half of this regime, I decided to stop the medication (partly due to cost) and switched to Acupuncture. I did weekly acupuncture treatments for 4 months. I had a couple of positive ovulation tests during that time, but positive pregnancy tests! By this time, I was emotionally drained and wanted to take a break.

This "break" lasted for the past 3 years. We weren't actively trying and we weren't actively preventing. I got to the point where I was questioning if I would ever be able to handle the emotional stress of trying again. We finally decided that we wanted to get back on the horse and try again!

So earlier this year, in Jan 2015, I went back to my OB/GYN as my periods had been irregular for the past couple of months and I knew that in order to be successful, I needed to get regular somehow. They did an ultrasound and found that I had a decent sized cyst on my right ovary. I was put on BC for 3 months to see if that would shrink the cyst.

I had another fwp appt in May and the cyst hadn't decreased. My OB/GYN suggested surgery to remove the cyst. She also mentioned that due to the size of the cyst, she would likely take the entire ovary out too!! When I heard this, I thought that seemed quite drastic and told her that before I agreed to that, I wanted to seek a second opinion with the fertility specialist to see what the ramifications of taking an ovary out would be if I needed to undergo fertility treatments again, more specifically IVF.

I had to wait almost a month to get in for my next appt. My fertility doctor took one look at the ultrasound results and said he could remove the cyst without taking out the ovary, no problem. WHAT A RELIEF! Due to the type of cyst it was, he said that it would need to come out sooner rather than later and that it wouldn't shrink on it's own. It was a dermoid cyst, the kind with teeth and hair (GROSS!) and I wanted to get that thing out of there as soon as possible. He also suggested doing a procedure called Ovarian Drilling which is often used in women with PCOS to help jumpstart ovulation again. He had mentioned this to me 5 years ago when we first met and I was too terrified to go under the knife at that point. This time, I was all for it. Bring on the surgery and Ovarian Drilling, I said! The surgery happened one week later on 6/19/2015.

The surgery went well and I'm in the final stages of recovery since it was an open procedure due to the dermoid cyst. Unfortunately, ovarian drilling is not a permanent solution and overtime, my body can revert back to the way it was before...

I had my first period post-op on 7/17/2015 and I'm CD 24. I am in that dreaded TTW and I am finding it soooo hard to wait it out! I am resisting the urge to test. I just want to know if the surgery was successful or not. The anticipation is killing me!

My question is...has anyone else ever had Ovarian Drilling done and if so, what is your story and did it prove successful?!
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