In need of some PCOS loving!

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Re: In need of some PCOS loving!

Postby Newlywed9202015 » Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:42 am

Saw this and I feel like everyone with this needs loving sometimes I hate my body and my drs so much. Was diagnosed at 16 put on birth control but taken off and never put back on a month later because of it making me severely depressed. Then told if I wanted kids to try then by my obgyn. Now that I want kids same obgynn office tried to tell me that I don't have pcos that I outgrew it. Then did blood tests on me and found out no I have it mine is an odd form of it I have high testosterone Wich causes it supposedly. I feel like my docs don't know what they are talking g about. But they wanna put me on metformin and prometrion. I'm 27 now BTW does anyone think I should see an endocrinologist?
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Re: In need of some PCOS loving!

Postby Greenbee24 » Sun Nov 08, 2015 1:43 pm

I was also placed on bc at 15-16 because of irregular periods and massive cramping. I stayed on it up until 2014, right after my wedding. I got pregnant 5 months after I stopped it but it ended in mc. I went to 4 different doctors who did not test me for PCOS or anything, even with me begging them to! The last one I went to did and I also had like 3 times higher testosterone than normal. I have PCOS and was borderline insulin resistant so I am on Metformin twice a day. I have lost 40 pounds but still hate my body. I have never had weight problems until a few years ago when I just woke up enormous! I hardly eat. It is that pcos and ir, per this doctor! She believes I can get pregnant natural but she will monitor my progesterone since that is a factor in my mc. She also told me if I don't get pregnant before too long and I want to, to call her and she will place me on Clomid. We aren't to that point yet. We just started trying last month again, been a year this month since my mc. I feel you should do whatever puts YOU at ease!
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