Hello! I'm new here...here's my story :)

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Hello! I'm new here...here's my story :)

Postby sunshine0727 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:52 pm

Hi everybody! This is the first forum I'm joining/posting on, so I'm really excited! I actually joined because I Googled something about PCOS earlier (I can't remember which search as I'm always looking up stuff on this oh-so-fun disorder) & I read a pregnancy success story that didn't make me feel jealous or bitter that it's not my time (yet). It made me feel genuinely happy for her...which is hard to do when you're coming up with less than desired. So, here's my history with PCOS. I hope you'll reply and welcome me...this is a big deal to me as I virtually have nobody in real life that I can relate to on my PCOS.

Dec 2013 - started TTC...didn't get pregnant, had gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time...this, in retrospect, ended up being the WRONG time to TTC anyway
August 2014 - Diagnosed "prediabetic". Given metformin for treatment...had a HARD time. Took it for a few weeks and gave up because of side effects being too intense.
Nov 2014 - eating Paleo to try and help my health
Jan 2015 - find out my "SIL" pregnant. "accident". Yay, I suck.
April 2015 - Had period for a straight month. Went to OB/GYN - got ultrasound & some blood work done. Diagnosed w/ PCOS - had honestly never heard of it in my entire LIFE until I was diagnosed with it. Tried to play Dr.Google. Read about TTC horror stories. Cried my eyes out. Hell for a few months. Started changing my eating, taking correct doses and supplements to increase fertility. Go see Endo. Hate the Endo. No help for my symptoms or disorder at all. Start again with Metformin. Deal with side effects like a champ. Eating gluten-free and only natural sugars (apples, grapefruit) + no refined carbs
June 2015 - Give up on Endo. Find RE. RE is amazing! Get switched to Metformin XR. Upped dosage within a few weeks. Changed supplements according to DR's advice. Feeling better. Stricter eating. Now soy-free, dairy-free too. May and July -I get a period! I feel like it's in huge part to eating right! :)
August/September 2015 - Gave up on the PCOS treatment ENTIRELY - healthier eating, Metformin, supplements, exercise, etc. DONE with it because I'm so depressed and pissed off at the world and STILL not getting a period every month! And oh yeah - NOT PREGNANT!!!! I got black out curtains, changed to hippie deodorant free of EDCs, etc. PISSED that none of this has worked for me but it's like everyone else slips on a peepee and gets preggers. I had lost 30 pounds though.
January 2016 - Had a day where I felt like utter ISH because of PCOS symptoms. Ugh, ok. Back to treatment we go. Apologize profusely to my RE and the office for getting off-course. I explain my frustration from the year before & how it just didn't work out for me. I get another ultrasound. More cysts. By the time I went to appointment, I had already started taking vitamins again (for just a few days) and I kept off only 10 of the 30 I lost the year before. Eh, oh well! DR & I agree it's actually best for me to lose weight before TTC again (my idea but he agreed and said he was hesitant to say it first because he didn't wanna discourage me)
February 2016 - Back on Metformin XR. Take Provera for 10 days. Was told I should expect my period two days after Provera is done. Got it FIVE days after the Provera ended. I'll take it!

TODAY...I am realizing that even last year was an awful time for me to TTC. Not because of any one particular event, but because I emotionally wasn't there. I would see pregnant women and almost HATE them because I automatically assumed that they all just had it happen so easily. Some do (SIL) and some don't (found out my own sister needed Chlomid).

I am NOT in full-on TTC mode. I still read on TTC. I take prenatal vitamins as directed by my RE. But my focus for now is to lose weight - as my RE (and my own research lol) confirm that at my weight (285 lbs) it is a much higher risk for pregnancy problems like MC. I definitely don't want that. I'll be patient, lose weight, get to feeling better physically, getting exercise and having a HEALTHY pregnancy someday. I know my DH is an amazing man and will be an even more amazing father. As much as I am excited to hopefully someday be a mother I am even MORE excited to have a family with him and watch one of his life dreams come true. I would rather give him that gift sooner than later...but I will for now do my best.

I'll be honest. Right now -- biggest roadblock is eating. I KNOW that when I eat better and when I weigh less, these symptoms are *MUCH* less severe on me and I actually have AF more regularly.

Anyway - here's what I am taking right now (eating habits NEED to improve!):
-Metformin XR
-VitaPearl Prenatal vitamin
-Cod Liver Oil
-Fish Oil

I PLAN on adding back in my Calcium/Vitamin D AND my Chromium. I am also going to switch to Fermented Cod Liver Oil. POSSIBLY Vitex, but I've heard that's pretty strong and I will probably wait until I am actively TTC and only under direction of my RE.

SORRY SO LONG! Thanks for reading! lol
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Re: Hello! I'm new here...here's my story :)

Postby sunshine0727 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 3:00 pm

Oh! Forgot to add...

August 2015
- HSG. Tubes clear. Uterus had given my RE some concerns but HSG gets PLENTY of shots at different angles (requested by RE) and RE says uterus is good! :)

February 2016
- Testosterone levels are NORMAL & at levels they would be at for a woman WITHOUT PCOS. DEFINITELY gives me hope! I had high testosterone before, but maybe I'm doing SOMETHING in my life right! lol
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Re: Hello! I'm new here...here's my story :)

Postby saggitauris80 » Fri Feb 19, 2016 9:01 pm

Girl you have had your fair share of a ruff road already but keep
Strong and keep your head up let that strength continue to grow you more. You are inspiring so many women who wanna quit but here you are fighting and determined. I pray you get preggers soon and get to feel that sence that all this hard work was for this little life. Kmfx
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Re: Hello! I'm new here...here's my story :)

Postby Aliciadixon » Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:52 pm

Hi everyone, for those suffering from PCOS with symptoms like polycystic ovaries and irregular ovulation, taking western medecins will not help to treat or cure PCOS but help relief the symptoms for a short while and most often cause after effects. From my experience as a PCOS sufferer I Cldnt help it but share the knowledge I have which helped me conceive after years of research funding the cure for PCOS after I was scheduled for ivf which I promised myself I wasn't going to go. I researched and one day came across a chinese herbal store called Dr herbs and booked a consultation with one of their Doctors, to cut the long story short, I was prescribed a Chinese herbal medecines called Tiaojing cuyun wan which is to be taken on the 5th day of ur period for 20 days, that means u have to take four packs each month, a pack cost just about £10, it can also be sold in eBay but I'm not to sure if eBay is good to purchase best to get direct from the doctor, anyways was told to start taking from day five of period for 29 days for the next 3 months to balance hormones and cure cyts etc, one month course is a treatment already but 3 months is recommended for best results, trust me those pills are miracle pills, they worked in two cycles as it targets the root cause of PCOS, balances the endocrine which is one of the reasons most girls or women suffer from polycystic ovaries. It's really good and will recommend everyone tries it as its a natural way of conceiving before Ivf and it works. Tiaojing cuyun wan is the name. I hope this helps someone.
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