I'm Soo happy right now! Pcos? Please read!!

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I'm Soo happy right now! Pcos? Please read!!

Postby Dee-pie » Wed Mar 09, 2016 2:53 am

Hello everyone I'm back!
To anyone who remembers me I was going through some very crap cycles and one being 80 something days long ( see FF chart from last year).
I suffer from Pcos! I'm on my fourth month of ovulating In A row!
Last November i started taking something called juice plus complete shakes, they have 17 fruits and vegetables in it along side the usual vitamins and minerals! When I was in my 80 odd day cycle I eventually ovulated after 7 days of being on the juice plus shakes. And I have done ever since I think my longest cycle I've had in 4 months was 36 days..

Because my body is getting what it should be as we need more than our 5 a day and over the counter vitamins a synthetic and your body finds it hard to absorb it and that's why you are better having fruits and vegitables!

honestly do your own research about this product and buy it! It had honestly saved so much irritation. If there's a products that's working amazing for me and many other woman then there needs to be more light shed. It's definitly worth a shot!!
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Re: I'm Soo happy right now! Pcos? Please read!!

Postby dewey2 » Tue May 17, 2016 3:56 pm

Where did you get them? I'm trying Plexus now because I've heard great things about it helping PCOS, blood sugar, weight loss, etc. But it's only been a month. I'd like to try these shakes too!
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