Hormone surge or pregnancy?

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BC withdrawal or Pregnancy

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BC withdrawal
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Hormone surge or pregnancy?

Postby atuck2 » Mon May 16, 2016 1:01 pm

Hello Ladies,

So I feel like I have a rather weird story. DH and I have not been actively TTC and have been on BC due to PCOS to give false AF. Anyway, I am 26 and have never ovulated on my own as I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 12, after showing symptoms since age 6, and immediately slapped on BC.

AF due on April 18th but didn't start until April 21st (which is normal for me) and lasted 2.5 days (which is normal for me)

When I called in BC, they didn't have any and it caused a delay for me to get my BC.

May 2nd - still haven't started my BC, but started to have a pinching feeling in left ovary and a LOT of CM. I freaked out (never done this before, so I was so confused) and had to ask a close co-worker what was going on and she explained that it was ovulation.

In the 2 weeks since I have had the following symptoms:
Tender breasts (more so than with AF and earlier than PMS)
Breasts feeling heavier, fuller, and firmer (DH calls them "meatier" )
Erect nipples (I mean almost CONSTANT)
More bumpiness to areola and nipple
Higher sex drive
I am constantly sleepy/tired
Food aversions to things I love
Eating foods that I normally wouldn't
A few headaches
Vivid dreams
Sensitive Nose
Cramps (much earlier than AF)
Stuffy and Snotty nose
Cycles between diarrhea and constipation
Hip Pain or "cramps"
Body Temp at 98.6 instead of 97.4 (where it usually is)
CM discharge, but can't tell the color/consistency because I only see it in my underwear (I know TMI, but I'm a large woman and it is hard to check "naturally").

At 9dpo I went to the doctor because I thought I had the flu. She said it sounded like pregnancy to her, even with the PCOS having a lower chance. We did urine and blood tests and both came back negative, but she assured me that it was really early and she expected negatives "but it was worth a shot".

I am currently at 14dpo and still BFN on every HPT, even FRER. I know that I'm not out until AF comes, but here is the dilemma. I don't know if I can have an AF because I've always had it with BC. Also, I've read that women with PCOS have had false BFN HPT and blood tests even at several weeks or months pregnant (which doesn't happen 100% of the time).

AF is technically due today but I probably wont start until the 19th if it happens. Doctor wants me to test the 19th and the 23rd "just in case".
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