My Story, and a thanks to the community.

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My Story, and a thanks to the community.

Postby Mercy86 » Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:10 pm

About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS, and ovarian failure. Immediately even though none of you guys knew me I stalked the message boards of several websites. The messages you guys left inspired me, so I got to work. While I can't say if this will work for you, its always worth a try.

I was devastated when I found out, I started doing research. I decided to take prenatal, royal jelly, spring water, and kambocha (forget spelling sorry) along with femara proscribed by my doctor (which by itself didn't work for over a year and a half). After about 3 months I became pregnant with a healthy girl, however.. my story didn't end so happily.

At 4 months and 6 days I had a miscarriage (1 day before they could give me a birth/death certificate for her existence). Even though she was a micro premie and had a heart beat seen by supportive family members, we were still denied a Birth Certificate. So Sept 12 I had lost my hope, and ray of light.

So a few days later we found out I had an incomp cervix, Oh the heartache, I felt like it was all my fault,
I blamed myself hardcore, for not knowing.. the saddest part was, just the previous week before the cervix began to open seriously 5-6 days before this happened I had my 12 week ultrasound, and everything looked great! Hell the baby was climbing mountains in my uterus motion wise, it was so funny and amazing and one of the very few memories I will always have of my baby girl. The other one was watermelon, I had that, and I swear she started dancing and acting like my uterus was a bounce house.

However several weeks later we discovered that the PCOS had been reversed. All my labs became normal again, probably from kamboocha and royal jelly. The cysts that were on my overies were gone, however there was still scarring from the ones that erupted prior. (Those damn land mines.. I swear that's exactly what I call em).

So with scarring chances were still less then any normal couple would have. So in Feb 2016 we started back up on Femara, with no success eventually the doctor increased the MG to 5 2.5 mils a day 3-7, that is until June, Father's Day. (Test didn't say positive then, but I was already a day late, jokingly asked the dogs. And BOTH of them sniffed my tummy.. weird I know)

Every other day during my fertile cycle, we used preseed, we had sex one day with, one day without.

This month, I didn't really have many obvious signs. But I will share for the benefit of everyone.

There was 1 time I felt like my breast weighed more. Without and with a bra it felt like it gained 10lbs.. I had 2 very visual dreams. My aerola's did not become dark until 2 days after missed period. Sadly I don't have the DPO with these symptoms, But I will list them as I see it.

Last Pill Femara, 05-25,

Bad headache, sweaty, overheating, wet cm

Ovulation bleeding, positive opk 2 days later

Constipation EXTREME

(about a week later into the 2ww)

Random Runny Nose, Head cold at night, blackish poo during the day (TMI), small amounts of wcm, possible spotting, yellow red and very light. (like 2-3 drops)

2 days later, Some cramping runny nose again (these runny noses lasted like 2-3 minutes, essentially long enough to blow your nose, and it didn't refill)

Cervix, soft, and high, wet, moody, withdrawn, boobs tender, sudden. (Possible allergies), gas tickling in lower left stomach, sudden tiredness after being awake 5hrs

(approaching Period, 1 week prior)

No sign of period, bad gas in the early am.

Feels like acid reflux, few pinches, no cramping

Positive PT

Set up a doctors note to confirm pregnancy, hoping this baby sticks the 12 week wait will be hard.
Wishing you all lots of baby dust.

My thanks goes to everyone on this forum, you have all been an inspiration even though I haven't signed up to comment prior, it helped me feel like I am not alone. Kept my hopes up. To those that MC later in term, remember that it means you can carry a baby, and that right there should forever be your inspiration. I know the rates of MC are higher in PCOS, but also remember if you do get pregnant with PCOS and miscarry your system can be healed by it.

I will say royal jelly saved my ovaries, and kamboocha saved the rest of me. Try it, there's really nothing left to lose is there?

If you take royal jelly take it during your mens, 2 tbs a day(liquid forum for better absorption, not pill), morning and night during your flow, this way your feeding nutrients to your ovaries as they are prepping for an egg. (3 months minimum),
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Re: My Story, and a thanks to the community.

Postby Danaa » Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:28 pm

Ty for sharing ur story.Im so sorry to hear about ur loss and congrats on ur pregnancy.
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