Amenorrhea anyone?

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Amenorrhea anyone?

Postby Blaira731 » Sat Jul 09, 2016 11:27 am

I've had amenorrhea since my first period when I was 13. My gynecologist diagnosed me as having PCOS and put me on birth control to regulate my period since I was 15. I am now 27 and ttc for 10 months. When I got off bc and my period did not return on its own, my gyno prescribed me Provera to induce a period which works, but doesn't cause me to ovulate. Using Provera to continue to induce periods my doctor added Clomid (two cycles) and Femara (two cycles) and neither have caused me to ovulate. Anyone else have a simular story? I go to my very first reproductive specialist appointment this week and hope to get some answers! Thank you!
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Re: Amenorrhea anyone?

Postby Destinynboston » Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:38 pm

I do have amenorrhea as well. I have had 1 period a yr since 13. I have PCOS. went thru a ton of proceedures and tests and shot , etc. Nothing worked.I got preg on my own with nothing but metformin when we took a break. When I found out i was preg, they took me off metformin and i mc. Then 12 yrs later I lost a considerable amount of weight and added metformin. Also, when I lost a lot of weight I had regular periods every month for thew first time in my life. Even when I was a teen I was skinny and didnt have them but once a yr but for some reason I did after i lost all that weight later in life. I got preg 2nd try. and had regular periods on my own , no metformin, nothing for about 5 yrs until I started gaining my weight back. That was 8 yrs ago. I have since gained pretty much all my weight back in those 8 yrs. And now ttc again. I am on metformin , 1st round of pregnitude, 1 st round of fermara . Had to take provera to start cycle. I am now on cd13.
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