First letrozole cycle/Negative OPK cd 11???

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First letrozole cycle/Negative OPK cd 11???

Postby hannahd1029 » Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:32 am


Me and my husband have been trying to conceive since we were married in April, the same month I removed my IUD. My mother got pregnant at the drop of a hat with my brother and I, so I hoped I would have similar luck. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed in late September with PCOS due to my irregular periods and my polycystic ovaries. This is my first cycle taking Letrozole (5mg CD 3-7) and I am currently on day cd 11. My GYN told me to start taking OPK on cd 10. She also suggested I use the Clearblue advanced ovulation test. (The one that has a flashing smiley during days of high fertility and a solid smiley at peak fertility) Now I am concerned because as of today I have still gotten low fertility. Does this mean I'm out for the month? Or is it possibly still early? I also read that 66% of women get 0-4 days of flashing smiley before getting a solid? Maybe I'm just overthinking this? LOL

Any advice or reassurance would be much appreciated!

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Re: First letrozole cycle/Negative OPK cd 11???

Postby Sparklie » Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:26 am

Hi Hannah-

I don't have experience with those particular tests (I use the ones that simply show a smiley face or a blank circle), but I have PCOS and have also been taking Letrozole. CD11 is still fairly early in many cases so definitely don't count yourself out. Everyone is different - I personally never get a positive OPK until CD14-16 so don't lose hope. Even my Dr only gave me 5 days after finishing Letrozole (CD3-7) to get a positive and I had to tell them that's too soon for me. Considering this is your first cycle on Letrozole, you never know what day to expect your positive and it can definitely change each month. Just keep testing and BD'ing! <3
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