Recently Diag. with PCOS

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Recently Diag. with PCOS

Postby HopefulMommyof2 » Fri May 12, 2017 10:50 pm

So just to give you guys some background info - DH and me started trying the first time the day we got married (10 yrs ago) , we spent 3 years TTC with no success, tests ran , exploratory surgeries etc. Finally out of not where I got a BFP1 FINALLY! Never thought it would happen :D , 2 1/2 yrs later unexpectantly another BFP, now at 27 after constantly switching Dr's to find answer I have finally gotten a Dr. to listen to me , was told my estrogen was 5 times the amount it's supposed to be, Norm lvl- 40/50 per ml Mine - 252, progestrone is low as well as DHEA, now am taking Progestrone the first 5 days of the month but only 10 mg , Metformin 500 mg, DHEA supplement 50 mg, as well as a pretty healthy diet :). I was wondering by how much this will higher my chances of getting a BFP and how soon it would be possible , we have already been trying but not full blow trying ( ovulation strip etc.) for 3 yrs again. Thank you ladies ANY imput is greatly appreciated! :))

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