PCOS and Not TTC some ?'s

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PCOS and Not TTC some ?'s

Postby babyrabe » Sun Feb 18, 2007 9:22 pm

I am trying to get some info for my SIL.

I think she might have PCOS but she is not TTC. In fact she is actually preggo-a miracle in itself.

She has about 2 AF/ year lasting about 3 days. She is over-weight and has a hard time loosing. She just moved to the US about 1 1/2 years ago so she never had much testing but drs in her home country told her she had high testosterone levels and that she probably couldnt have kids.

She just told me all of this last night. It sounded a lot like PCOS to me and I recommended that after she has her baby she might want to see about getting tested. Her DH wanted to know though, if she isnt TTC (they only want one child) does she need to worry about being diagnosed? Can it cause any problems during menopause or other things she should be worried about??

I appreciate any info that you have!

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Postby PuddingPop » Sun Feb 18, 2007 10:39 pm

Hi Babyrabe,
Here is what I've been told by my RE. PCOS has to be treated even if you are not TTC. Women with PCOS have a higher chance of certain types of cancer, esp. breast and uterus cancers. However PCOS protects cancer of the ovaries. Another thing is the risk of developing diabetes. This due to problems of insulin. PCOS does not go away even after menopause and treatment will still be needed. The good news is if not TTC treatment seems to be pretty simple. Pre menopause it's birth control pills and after most likely metaformin. Eating right and I know the ever dreaded losing weight is also good for keeping PCOS under control. Hope this helps, best wishes.
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