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Blocked fallopioan Tubes

Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:48 pm

I have been trying to conceive for a year. I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy 2 weeks ago. At that time they did find endometriosis and some polyps and scare tissue that she removed. The de also tried added dye at the same time to also evaluate my Fallopian tubes. She found no dye to go through either one of my tubes. Now I have to go back again and have the dye procedure done to have them reevaluated again because the Dr said my tubes may have been retracting or spasming because they didn't like her in there messing around. Has this ever happened to anyone? Did you end up having clear tubes?

Re: Blocked fallopioan Tubes

Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:55 am

Did your doc give you a picture from the lap? Are you on any hormones to keep the endo inactive?
I have severe endo and my tubes are wadded up and covered in adhesions and blocked. I was put on Lupron. I chose to try IVF and not fix anything surgically. I read of one gal with endo blocked tubes that opened after being on Lupron. I would like to hear more from you and help if I can. PS my gyn freaked out, my medical care is SO much better with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. I wish I had seen one sooner, gyn s dabble in infertility more than specialize in it.

Re: Blocked fallopioan Tubes

Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:26 am

It turns out on top of the endrometriosis I have PCOS that went undiagnosed and they found I have grade 1 endrometrial cancer. I am trying hormone therapy instead of chemo to try and save my fertility. I go next week for another biopsy. I have been on metformin and megestrol for about 6 month. If the cancer is gone they will then double check my tubes. My reproductive Dr mentioned putting me on letrozole If I get the all clear

Re: Blocked fallopioan Tubes

Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:07 pm

Wow, I am sorry to hear that. That really sounds hard. I hope you can stay positive & that the cancer goes away. At least you have a treatment plan and are confronting the disease head-on.

Re: Blocked fallopioan Tubes

Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:28 am

Hi, hun, I'm sorry. Have you ever tried any of natural therapies for fallopian tube health??
Here are some to consider ~
Fertility cleansing helps to cleanse the entire reproductive system and increase circulation to the reproductive organs. Starting your natural fallopian tube therapy should begin with fertility cleansing. The herbs in this cleanse are absorbed into the body and go to work where they are needed. Fertility Cleansing creates a “clean slate” within the body that helps the body to respond and utilize other natural remedies better.
Systemic Enzyme Therapy is a method for helping the body clear itself of excess tissue, breakdown scar tissues, cleanse the blood, increase circulation to the reproductive organs and reduce immunological response. Enzyme therapy consists of using systemic enzymes (enzymes naturally found in the body) to help the body reduce inflammation, occasional pain, reduce scar tissue build up and more. Traditionally systemic enzymes have been used by athletes to help them recover, elderly wanting to reduce the effects from arthritis, people suffering from autoimmune issues and the list goes on. It may help to reduce the scar tissue that are blocking your fallopian tubes. Specific systemic enzymes help to eat away and reduce fibrin (the material that makes up scar tissue) over time. This type of therapy is extremely promising for helping the body to reduce excessive scar tissue formation and inflammation.
Abdominal or Fertility Massage. Massage is another natural therapy that could help support fallopian tube health. Massage helps to increase circulation and break up adhesions. Massage provides a great non-intrusive option for women with blocked fallopian tubes.
Benefits of massage for fallopian tube health:
Helps the body to clear blocked fallopian tubes.
Massage helps to break up scar tissue.
Increased circulation aids in tissue elimination.
Helps to reduce inflammation.
Helps the body to loosen tight or twisted tissues.
I think you should talk on this point with your dr. Wish you all the best!
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