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Postby AnnaJuly » Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:43 am

I would seriously bloat like I was several months pregnant :?
I noticed whenever I had the flu or some such and was not eating for a day or two, I would be normal and thin....this was since high school.
It was not fat but bloat :cry: I went gluten free Dec 2009 but still had problems with bloat. I had a huge cyst removed (and half an ovary) end Jan. I am slim! Yay no more bloat unless a mistake with gluten.
I think it was inflammation that was causing the bloat. Once i got the inflammation down after my operation - I look great.
I think the trick is to be very vigilant of gluten or other things that can inflame endo.
Hope this is useful to someone.
AJ :)
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