Second cycle after Lap

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Second cycle after Lap

Postby MayB » Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:05 pm

Hey lovely ladies,

I have been TTC with DH for just over 3 years now. I had my first lap done in November last year where they removed Endo mostly from my bowel & puch of Douglas (ovaries/uterus/tubes clear) so I'm on my 2nd full cycle since the lap. This month I have had sore/swollen bbs since AF stopped and lots of "mini" cramps in my lower stomach. I was on progesterone last cycle but am having a month off from blood test tracking/medication as the fertility clinic closed for a while over the holiday season and we decided to have a month off. Just wondering if this could be my body making adjustments after the lap or if this might be my body coming off the progesterone?
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Re: Second cycle after Lap

Postby marg84 » Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:21 am

It's really hard to tell sometimes PMS can mimic pregnancy symptoms but if all these symptoms are new to you It could be It. I went thru a laparoscopy about 6-7 years ago, and It was very effective, my endo was so bad that when my period came I had to take the day off from school and work to be in bed crying with pain and throwing up. Right after surgery I felt major improvement with the cramping and that was a sign everything was working better inside me cause I was worried If I could even get pregnant but I had my son 1.5 years after when I wasn't even trying to get pregnant. It was a big surprise for me. Now I'm planning to TTC in about 2 months. I say listen to your body and Hope You are preg. you have more possibilities now that is for sure.
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