Endo and Hoshi

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Endo and Hoshi

Postby amywantsababy » Tue May 07, 2013 5:42 pm

I just had my third lap done and this time the endo was in more areas than previous. More info at follow up on Friday. Doctor did say I should be able to get pregnant.


In following up on my thyroid we found a cold nodule right under 4cm. My entire right lobe is going above my hyoid and below my claivical. Measures around 4.5 inches at this point as the couldn't get an exact length because the collar bone was hindering the bottom portion. When I was 12 I had my left lobe removed and the isthmus. The right lobe is now needing to be removed but an FNA has been ordered first to determine if the nodule is malignant or benign so that the appropriate surgery is done. This delays our baby making process. Malignancy complicates it even more...
I would like to hear about any similiar experiences and how complicated was it to get a BFP after a total thyroidectomy. Also, looking even farther ahead, how did things work out if cancer was involved. I thought there was a forum for thyroids on this site at one point???

I do have two very healthy boys albeit they were both premature... I don't know why I cant be happy with that and I feel so sad that we have not gotten a BFP in two years trying and now this thyroid issue becomes a new challenge in the process. It makes me sound like a whiner when there are women out there who have not been able to have a child at all. I'm sorry if that is upsetting to some who are trying to get there first BFP and I wish you all the luck in the world!!!
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