Endo & swollen ovary

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Endo & swollen ovary

Postby cosmicblu » Fri Jun 14, 2013 4:58 am

Diagnosed with endo 2007, 2 pg'es during that time 4 total so no trouble ttc in the past. Always have irregular periods or long cycles. Since last pg I spot from af all the way til the day I finally O which isn't til at least after day 20 something! Periods were never too bad nor cramping until endo pain started 2005, when I finally started dr searching for someone who would listen! Lap proved endo in 2007 on back left side of pelvic wall & first day of af the pain is the worst!!! Reg cramps ibuprofen will get rid of but the pain on left side just sits there eating my side up while I'm in tears & prescrp pain meds only barely tame it. Did lupron in 2007-2008 which worked great! Then had last pg which as soon as ppaf returned so was endo. Have been dealing with that one day of hellashis pain on my own now for a few yrs as I have no ins. Tried birth control for bandaid fix but they mess with my hormones so bad bloating break out crazy weight gain & wow the headaches.. Not worth the trouble for me :? For quite a few mths pain has been there but decreased some, a lil easier to deal with for that one day. But the past 3 have been incredibly searingly painful again & now lasting 2 days instead of 1. Been taking hpts & getting faint lines on multiple brands then they fade out rt before af starts & not sure if it still is doing this as I haven't been able to go to dr in so long, but during previous endo treatment my left ovary- on that wonderful left problematic side at every exam it was always swollen. Not just bc of ovulation, it was observed during different times of my cycle & seemed to just stay enlarged. Ultrasound showed nothing at the time. No cysts or anything. He never made a big deal of it tho & just noted it on charts & tried to Mae me feel better that it was nothing. But with pain & other endo sxs picking up so bad suddenly & other things I'm really starting to get worried about everything again. Had to stay out of wk first day of af last 2 mths as I am a preschool teacher & I simply couldn't keep up with them..no way in hell!! Ughh.. May just have to spend the 200 out of pocket to get another annual & readdress these issues see what he thinks.. & see if that ovary is STIlL enlarged!
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