Is my Endo causing troubles?

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Is my Endo causing troubles?

Postby mrsspurlockky » Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:25 am

So looking at my BBT, I feel I'm looking positive. My body is sore and I've gone from 6 hrs to 10 hrs of sleep needed per night before naturally waking. I was very sick for 4 days last week, now just exhausted constantly. My CM has been wet and slippery since determined "O" date (pos OPKs) and STILL is now on CD36. AF is late by either 28 or 33 day cycle (last few were 33). I have endometriosis, but have had lap surgery to laser out the evil stuff.
My midwife says I'm in great shape, no cysts or abnormal cervical test results. I take my BBT as accurately as I can vaginally each morning. I take a prenatal vitamin and drink OJ as a boost of vitamin C for uterine lining. Since my temp is still high, 98.9/99 avg, CM is moist non-stop, I'm twinging/cramping for over week, have had morning (afternoon) sickness multiple times, late AF, and here's the kicker 4 positive tests/4 negative test back and forth last few weeks, I'm LOST!!!
I have no idea if I'm pregnant or if my body is just nuts and thinks it is. I'm a bit stressed out, but not enough to cause cycle changes. I'm pretty regular, never over 33 day cycle.
Here's a link to my chart and details:
Please, please somebody help me determine if I've got a baby bump coming or just nutty cycle with skipping AF. Anyone have late 33+cycles b/c of endo?
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Re: Is my Endo causing troubles?

Postby Alchemist » Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:59 am

Hi there.....have you ever had a cycle this long? have you taken a HPT? what other fertility issues fo you have?
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