My endo story and TTC journey

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Re: My endo story and TTC journey

Postby Ready4it » Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:44 am

CHALT! Congrats!! The IUI worked?! Maybe I just need to give that a try- so happy for you!!
TTC since July 2013
Cycles vary from 24-28 days. No BFP's AT ALL!
Lap done 9/9/14- Stage 1 endo behind uterus and one blocked tube- but cleared after HSG.
10/22/14 First cycle after lap- BFN :(
11/17/14 Second cycle after lap- BFN
Update 2/15/15- tried femera last cycle and no luck. On 6 month after lap TTC.
Feeling hopeless
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Re: My endo story and TTC journey

Postby chalt14 » Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:43 pm

Thank you Ready! It is so exciting! I am 15 weeks now, so so happy we finally had some luck and the first IUI worked!

Sorry to hear luck is still not on your side :( Any plans?
TTC #1 since Aug.2013 16th cycle Me: 26 normal cycles, no known problem DH: 30 some MF stuff

7/3/14 - DH's SA #1: Concentration - 8mil/ml (volume 3 ml) Motility - 36% Morphology 3%

10/6 1st RE appt. Ovaries good. Uterus leans more on the right but anteverted. DH given Naturally Smart vitamins to try for a month before a new SA 10/14 HSG - normal!

11/4 DH's 2nd SA: Concentration 32mil/ml (volume 3ml), Motility 30%, Morphology 5% We are doing IUI this cycle! 11/7 CD3 FSH 7.7 Estrogen 34. Clomid 100mg CD3-7

11/17 26.7 & 21.05mm follicles, 8.3mm lining, estrodiol 810, Pregnyl HCG trigger 8:30am. 11/18 IUI 7.2 million motile sperm post wash and 11/19 IUI 11.2 million!

11/30 BFP!! 12/4 beta 134 12/8 beta 562 progesterone 45 12/10 beta 2008 progesterone 43

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Re: My endo story and TTC journey

Postby @whenmytruerainbow » Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:11 am

Chalt14, what's the outcome, please??
I've read the thread up to the end and got cought what happened next? I have my fingers crossed for that you were lucky. Am I right? :shh: Would love to share the similar thing one day...We're about to start out DE ivf trip overseas. Hope this time creates the miracle.
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