TTC month 3.. waiting for endo diagnosis?

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TTC month 3.. waiting for endo diagnosis?

Postby PhDer » Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:31 am

Hi all

A while back I saw my gynae as I was thinking of having a mirena fitted (needed general as could not have it at GP as cervix was too tight). She took a very indepth history and said there was a chance of endo and if we did not get pregnant in 6 months then she would schedule me in for a laproscopy.

We are now on month 3 TTC and I am 4DPO and am having some horrible cramping on RHS. I have had a few ovarian cysts in the past but they always go away on the follow up U/S

The main thing the gynae used to suspect endo was the painful periods. I don't have heavy periods, they only last 3-4 days and only really need to use tampons or pads for the first day or two. Sometimes they are irregular but never longer than 5 weeks and sometimes that can be explained by excessive exercise or travel during those cycles. I don't have pain during sex. I don't have painful bowel movements (although I do have IBS which I try to control with wheat free and dairy free diet). I regularly exercise, am a health weight (BMI 20- up from 19 I have gained weight deliberately to raise BMI and regulate cycles- gained about 7 pounds). I never get spotting (apart from last cycle when it was spots on Sat night and started full flow Sunday- not sure this counts as spotting?) Bowel function is not different during period. No painful urination. Some cycles I can be OK to go to work/uni on the first day with taking analgesics/paracetamol and applying heat. There has not been an increase in the strength of period pain recently

I'm just so frustrated that I have to wait to find out if I have endo. It sounds like alot of you ladies are having a horrible time with endo and I am just wondering how you cope with that waiting? Does it even sound like I have endo? So many of the symptoms don't fit but the gynae said you only just need the one symptom

Any advice appreciated
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