Endo Cyst 6cm and 3cm ttc

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Endo Cyst 6cm and 3cm ttc

Postby Rbee43 » Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:49 pm

Hi I'm new to this site. I had one surgery at 24 a large incision was made to remove a 10cm cyst I have both of my ovaries still. Almost two years later I now have a 6cm in left and 3cm in right the doc said I could still try to get pregnant with these cysts.. But I feel like I'm wasting time if I have the lap my chances would be higher right? I haven't been trying for long I would say about 3 months. Would im now 26 I have both ovaries I have normal cycles I pinpoint with my clear blue ovulation kit when I'm ovulating. Anyone in this situation or if you been through it please give me some advice
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Re: Endo Cyst 6cm and 3cm ttc

Postby Tina03 » Mon Mar 30, 2015 5:58 pm

Hi, I don't think i'm any help but i had one lap so far and been trying to get pregnant since over 2 years. I also have cysts on both ovaries again in the 4cm range i think. But I also have the problems that my ovaries are stuck to other tissues and not directly over my tubes so the chances are pretty low without another operation. I think your chances are higher if the ovaries are in the right position and you are younger than me. My egg quality is low too cause my ovaries are damaged. You should get your egg quality checked, it's a simple blood test really, just to see if the cysts and endo is influencing your egg quality. If it does than you should maybe consider another lap. I don't have much problems right now with pain so my only reason for getting a lap is to get pregnant and especially put my ovaries back into position. All i can say is get the necessary tests done (mostly over blood test or ultrasound) to see how everything else is, free tubes, egg quality, ovary position etc. If all is ok besides the cysts, you might be ok just trying and it takes a bit longer but if not you might need another lap.
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