Newly diagnosed. Am I showing pego symptoms ?

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Newly diagnosed. Am I showing pego symptoms ?

Postby smaTTC » Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:34 am

Hi all :) I had a laparoscopy done on April 3 and they removed mild endometriosis. I should be all clear for pregnancy and I am having a strange week... My Symptoms:

I think I ovulated on April 17. Hubby & I have been active every other day since the 15th. (Recovered from surgery) My sex drive is through the roof (kind of strange for me)

3dpo: super exhausted. Like falling asleep at 7pm because I cant keep my eyes open.

4dpo: I have endless appetite. Super irritable. exhausted- fell asleep by 730.

5dpo: Exhausted. Cramping for about 20 minutes in the morning and then it went away. Super irritable. No appetite today. Nothing sounds good except fresh fruit. Thinking of Food makes me nauseous.

6dpo: slight cramping. Light headed. Thinking of food makes me feel sick. Super irritable. Vivid dreams last night.

7dpo: slight cramping. Nausea. Light headed. Food sounds horrible. Thinking about eating makes me feel sick. Vivid dreams last night.

8dpo: still not hungry and normal foods i like sound gross. Dont want to eat anything but fruit. Nausea. Then around 2pm got big cramps that lasted for hours. At 9pm saw the smallest brown discharge in my panties. Checked for more but that was it.

Today is 9dpo. Still having small cramps. Its early in the day.

What do you think? Does it sound like it might be my lucky month?? It's been a pretty disappointing year and hubby & I are so sad each month that goes by with out a little baby A. :)
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