Lupron and TTC

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Lupron and TTC

Postby pandababy » Wed May 20, 2015 12:22 pm

Hi Ladies,

So sad week for me. I found out I have severe endo, and doc wants to put me on Lupron for 6 months. This sounds like hell, but if it will help us conceive it will be worth it. Any success stories here? My tubes and ovaries look good, but he said I had so much inflammation that it was probably preventing pregnancy. I started a personal journal at to track my journey. Any advice or positive experiences would be great to hear!!
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Re: Lupron and TTC

Postby Cmurphy » Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:15 pm

Hey! I'm new here and saw your post while trying to find support and help from others going they the same...
I had laparoscopic done about 3 weeks ago, they saw I had 2 cyst around 2cm each on both ovaries n what seem like mild endo. While in surgery doctor realize I actually had A LOT more-- endo at stage 3 , showing up to my ribs already and tissue attaching walls uterus bladder all together.
Anyways, all he removed was benign . But said LUPRON inmidiately for 3 months. Then he'll get me hormones to get pregnant.
My husband also has issues, 0% morphology, low sperm count and low volume... We are just the perfect couple lol
Today marks a week w the LUPRON; I'm wearing a estrogen patch too to help me/m... I feel exhausted, moody, hot flashes all that good stuff. Hoping to learn to deal with it better.
He's going for a test in 2 weeks to see if his sperm can penetrate, if so-- in 3 months once we finish w my treatment we will try ARtificial insemination , if not straight to IVF.
Not much to help here! But sharing with you! Best of luck! Stay strong love the idea of the journal I might do one too might help me go thru it.
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