LUPRON endo3 + DH infertility

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LUPRON endo3 + DH infertility

Postby Cmurphy » Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:22 pm

Hi ladies, I'm new here -- trying to find hopefully some success stories, or others going thru the same and know wha their symptoms are....
I had laparoscopic done about 3 weeks ago, they saw I had 2 cyst around 2-3 cm each on both ovaries n what seem like mild endo. While in surgery doctor realize I actually had A LOT more-- endo at stage 3 , spread up to my ribs already and tissue attaching walls uterus bladder all together.
Anyways, all he removed was benign. Removed most possible without compromising other organs.
But said LUPRON immidiately for 3 months.
Then he'll get me hormones to get help us pregnant.
My DH also has issues, 0% morphology, low sperm count and low volume..he's taking N vitamins doctor recommended. We are just the perfect couple lol
Today marks a week w the LUPRON; I'm wearing a estrogen patch too to help me/m...
My symptoms -- I feel exhausted, moody, hot flashes, flatulence, can't sleep well at night, all that good stuff. Hoping to learn to deal with it better week by week.

He's going for a test in 2 weeks to see if his sperm can penetrate, if so-- in 3 months once we finish w my treatment we will try ARtificial insemination , if not straight to IVF.
Any similar stories? Symptoms? Suggestions?
Hoping artificial is an option and we can conceive like that!
Thank you all!!!
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