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Late period, cramps & pain. Is it endo?

Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:44 am

I can't make any sense of what's going on, please help!

My periods are normally regular, 28 days. This month I was so sure AF was coming, was feeling that pull/light cramps the night before it was due. And the next morning when I woke up it felt just like it had started. That tight crampy feeling. But nothing, not a drop of blood. My lower back was aching too. This scenario has repeated itself every morning since and today, Sunday, I'm 5 days late. And the bloating, cramps, fullness, and lower back ache are not just a morning thing. I get a weird stomachache if I'm hungry (so I eat a lot), but also discomfort and sometimes pain when I've eaten (gas?). Intermittent right and/or left pelvic pain (ovaries?). A few instances of hot flashes (new for me). And acid reflux (not at all common for me). And some pretty intense dreams (rare for me). BD on 4th and 6th and 8th (all pull out).

In recent years I have become used to ever stronger pms symptoms that have made me feel just like I was pregnant (headaches, nausea, sore boobs), but this no show period that feels almost like a period is new (and my boobs aren't sore?!?).

5 days is late for me, only once before has my period been this late. That was summer/fall 2015 when my period became crazy irregular for a few months (15 days, then 35), but it was likely caused by severe stress. My periods have been regular since.

I have had problems with cysts (ovary size of a grapefruit May 2016, cleared by Dec 2016), and my Ob/Gyn suspected it may be due to endometriosis but now that they're gone, I don't know why it would be (?).

I did three pregnancy tests, two yesterday and one this morning, cheap simple dip stick ones, but they were all negative. I'm so confused. I would be joyous if it turned out I am pregnant (I'm 35, no children), but I'm scared to believe it's possible.
Have you been in a similar situation? Does it sound like endo?
Really could use some advice. Thank you!

Re: Late period, cramps & pain. Is it endo?

Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:50 am

Hi, dear! I'm sorry you found yourself here but welcome. With my stage endo I had increase abdominal bloating, with or without pain at the time of the period. Tiredness or lack of energy, especially around the time of the period. Heavy bleeding, with/without clots. Also pain immediately before and during a period. Pain during/after sex. These symptoms vary much among us, suffering endo. Mine is added with PCOS which makes things even worse..
Currently preparing to use donor egg with ivf overseas. Where have you gone with the treatments so far?
Wishing you the best od luck and support xx
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