Not confirmed but...

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Not confirmed but...

Postby lilblondie » Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:26 am

Hi, looks like it, that not so many recent replies here but i will ask my question anyway. I had an ovarian cyst removed since 4 years now (march 2013) and it weighed almost 5 kg! Anyway i am afraid, that might hinder my chances of becoming pregnant. the cyst was filled with blood and a nurse practitioner thought maybe it was endometriosis since i had super heavy periods prior. But no other dr has confirmed this (I've seen two others(. Since it's removal, i was on birth control pills and had no pain and my periods were fine. In jan, i decided to go off the pills in order to try to conceive and since then still no pain (I've had three cycles until now) and my periods are still normal, hardly any cramping and so on. My fear is, that because of the removal of the cyst and a part of my right ovary, not sure how much of that was really taken out, but i am afraid i am infertile. Yes, we only try since Jan to conceive, so not so much time but i like to hope there are still some chances to conceive.

Look forward to any replies.
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Re: Not confirmed but...

Postby Leilani1984 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:44 pm

Hey Blondie,
I wouldn't worry at all just yet. Luckily for us women we have 2 ovaries. Sometimes they take turns ovulating and sometimes they ovulate for months on the same side. Wait until you have been trying for a year (it can take a healthy couple that long) and then see your doctor. If you want peace of mind, you can always ask the doctor who did your surgery what he/she thinks your chances of actually ovulating from your right side. You could also ask your doctor to monitor you via ultrasound to see if your right side is growing eggs. I hope you get your bfp soon and good luck to you!
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Re: Not confirmed but...

Postby Tina03 » Sun May 21, 2017 9:22 am

Don't worry, you're not infertile because there might be a part of the ovary missing...i have endo stage 2 and had blood filled cysts removed on both sides which also removed probably some ovarian tissue as well. Now i had sadly 2 miscarriages first, i don't know the reason, maybe the endo played a role in interfering with a proper ovulation, maybe the egg was damaged a bit or it was just other random reasons. I won't ever know. But i had given up after those 2 mc's and even prepared for a life without kids when i got pregnant again and today i'm nearly 24 weeks and it's a perfect pregnancy which no issues at all. I'm amazed myself. Eventually if it's endo it's not easy to conceive but it will happen, women with worse endo had no problems at all and there's women who don't even know any reason why they don't conceive or why they miscarry. But be sure that missing a bit of ovarian tissue is not gonna prevent you from conceiving, not from my experience at least.
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