Clomid vs Famara

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Did one work better for you?

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Clomid vs Famara

Postby MegsRemainsHopeful » Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:59 pm

Hey gals! Once af gets here, i'm off to a new Dr with a new POA! My question is for those who have taken both Clomid and Femara. Did one work better for you than the other?

I took Femara a few cycles back and had a perfect cycle, temp wise. I was not monitored so not sure of P levels or anything like that but my temps were amazing! I had absolutely no side effects from Femara and am fearful of all the horrid ones you hear about from Clomid!

The new Dr. wants me to be on Clomid (going to inquire about Femara), Estrogen, CD 13 u/s, using OPKs, and once O is confirmed, Progesterone.

Thoughts??? I was told this is the protocol they do for four cycles and after that, RE time.

Thanks in advance!
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Postby WishingStar » Sat Nov 08, 2008 7:48 pm

Hi Meg! Yay for going to a new Dr! I haven't used Femara so I didn't vote, but I want to let you know that I had little to NO s/e from Clomid. I took my first dose at night (took all of the pills at night) on CD3 and about 12 hours later, I got a little upset stomach and felt like puking. I ate some crackers and it disappeared and never came back! :) I had a few very mild headaches, but I get those (and even more painful ones) when not on Clomid so I don't really consider those Clomid s/e's. Not everybody gets those terrible s/e's but I was worried about it too when I first started.

If you feel better with Femara, ask! I don't know the protocols with OB/GYNs...I think it varies tremendously. Some don't even monitor with Clomid or Femara though! Looks like you'll at least get a CD13 u/s so that's good. I went straight to an RE after trying for a year on our own after my lap. She's friends with my OB/GYN and I liked my OB/GYN a lot so I thought she'd be a good RE and she is!

Whatever your Dr. decides, if you're not comfortable doing it, don't, and if you have questions or want to try something different, ask. I didn't want to learn the hard way. Besides, it doesn't hurt to ask. I wanted the trigger last O, but I didn't want to waste it 'cause my follies weren't big enough so I didn't use it. :dunno: The nurse I talked to though said they don't usually have patients do the trigger (this was at my RE's office) and was trying to talk me out of it! :shock: My RE however, was perfectly OK with it and told me to get it ordered when I went in. If my RE gave the OK in my file, then the nurse (one I don't usually work with) didn't read it and just wanted to gloss over the idea. I had to tell her a few times that I want the trigger! :roll: I don't think I said that my RE approved it, but still....I know what the trigger is for and that I want it. What's wrong with saying, "Ok, I'll check with your RE." ??

I truly believe that we know our bodies the best, no matter how little training we have...sometimes we just have that gut feeling, KWIM? In the end, it's not your Dr's baby, or the nurses''s YOUR baby, YOUR body, and YOUR life.

I'll step off my soap box now... LOL! :)
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