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Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:55 am

Merry Christmas scarlet!!!!

I know you've not been on here lately but I just wanted to check in and see how you guys were doing. I hope you're enjoying the holidays!!

Scarlet I got my bfp on Christmas Eve, I can't believe it!! I'm in complete shock, we had quit trying!! We are excited and shocked lol.

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:37 pm

OMG Christy!!!

I'm so friggin crazily excitedly THRILLED for you!! YAYAYAYAYYAY!!


I am so happy for you darlin. This must have been the most amazing Christmas gift ever!! AHHHHHH yesssssss!!! You must be the happiest lady on earth!!

I hope that you are feeling great! How are you?

AHHHH prayers were answered!! YAY! I want to see some scans! ;)

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:47 am

Oh my gosh, hi scarlet!!!!!! How are you, how's Thomas?? How's motherhood?? Gosh so many questions fill me in on how you've been!!!!! Lol.... I feel like it's been forever since we chatted, fill me in on everything ;)

My ob doesn't want to see me until 10 weeks, I thought that was odd. They didn't even want to confirm, they told me to have my PCP do it. I went for a blood draw on Wednesday but I've not heard anything, unfortunately PCP isn't as good as the infertility dr when it comes to telling you test results. I wish I had better options for an ob, we have very few without traveling to see one.

I had to take a digital, I needed to see that word with my own eyes!!!!!! We are excited, although it almost doesn't feel real yet. I feel good I'm only just 5 weeks though so M/S hasn't even started. A little moody towards the evening but I think it's bc I'm tired.

How werebtbe holidays for you guys?? They were crazy busy and went by way too quickly for us but that's typical lol.
Any NYE plans??

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Fri Dec 30, 2016 9:54 pm

You can't see the doctor until 10 weeks??? eeeK!! Why?? I'm sure that the blood draws are the same for the PCP and the OB, but still after the lap you had done, etc, you'd think the doctor would want to see you sooner, right?

Keep me posted on the morning sickness! Remember that the worse the morning sickness, the more likely its a girl! What gender are you hoping for?

The holidays were great with Thomas. He still has colic, and he's very fussy and refuses to sleep at all, but it was great to have him all dressed up for the family for Xmas. It was a bit of chaos because my sister's twins were around too, so three infants 3 months old for the holidays was nutty. Honestly, its good to have some normal time now.

Thomas is on acid reflux medication now, and I put him on formula to help with his stomach, but it didn't create much change, poor baby. Sooo we're waiting it out, hoping that his bad digestion will go away as his stomach matures. We will see. His baptism is next week, so I hope he behaves. Otherwise, he'll be the screaming baby in the pews.

So far, my witch hasn't returned yet. DH and I (I think) are going to try again when it returns. I hope it doesn't take a year! Ugh. I'm so worried I can't get pregnant again. Time will tell.

Keep me posted on your symptoms! :)

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:38 pm

Happy New Year's Eve!!!

I'm not seeing my infertility dr, I haven't seen him since August but my regular ob nurse said not till 10 weeks so that he could detect a heartbeat when he sees me apparently! Both my kids i was seen by 6 weeks. Maybe it has changed, I've been out of the baby works awhile lol

It took so long and so much to get here that I won't be picky on what I get. Healthy and happy. With that said boys are much easier lol :)

That's a lot of babies in one family so close in age, but I bet it's sweet to see all of them together :) his had your sister been, anything changed??

Are you back to work yet?

My son was on acid reflux meds as well. I hope he gets to feeling better, the poor guy is probably miserable :( so you aren't nursing now?? Maybe af will return, and you can jump back in to trying. Are you gonna try naturally or assisted?

I feel pretty good. I have 0 sex drive which is unusual for me. It kinda sucks. Dh asked me last night what my issue was, idk what it is my drive is just 100% gone :(

Any plans for tonight??

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:38 pm

Hey Christy!

I think because the insurance industry is strapped lately, they are more strict about when to start seeing pregnant patients. Thats my only guess? With the infertility doctor, I saw him right away when I got pregnant, but then he sent me to the OB and they waited more time.

My sister and I have been getting along much better. Its not a miracle, but she's very kind to Thomas and treats him extremely well. I suppose that her dislike for me did not pass to my children. She's also getting better with me, but we aren't best buds. All the same, I adore her kids! They are so cute together. Yes, we try to have the three of them together a lot. Hopefully they will be fast friends. I'd love that for Thomas.

I'm still nursing, and I'm sure thats why I haven't gotten af yet. I'm just frustrated because I want to start trying and my body isn't ready yet. I'm thinking that maybe all of the blood loss from the delivery made my body need more time to heal? I don't know...I'm impatient. I always think that I won't have an easy time the second time around, now that I have a scar on my uterus too! Ugh.

We are going to try naturally at first. Best to start the 'easy' way and maybe we will be surprised. We will try on our own for a few months and then see the infertility doctor again I think.

I"m sorry about the sex drive problem!! I was the same way. I completely understand. There's a big chance that it will change though. My sex drive came back in the second trimester and it only got better and better after that!

No plans for me. I'm not a big New Years girl. I'm trying to get Thomas to bed earlier and earlier every night. So tonight I'm going to start the bedtime process at 9:00ish. Any plans for you? Any big parties?

When do you plan on telling your family?

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:05 pm


I'm glad to hear things with your sister have settled down, that's great news!! It's so much easier and enjoyable to not dread going to family functions. Thomas will love having his cousins for friends!!

I don't remember when af returned for me, I know I had her right after birth but I don't remember not having af for an extended period of time and I nursed both of my kids. It very easily could be something I just don't remember. I've had 2 sections so I worried about the same exact thing but hopefully you'll not have any trouble the second time around!!!

We just went to my brothers but we were home by 930. With kids it's hard to stay anywhere much later than that lol. We never make it until midnight to watch the ball drop, I feel so old haha

We told our parents and siblings but we won't tell anyone else until I go to the ob which won't be until early February probably.

Have a great day!!! :)

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:15 am

Hey Christy!

How are you feeling? Any nausea, aches, fatigue? I know its still too early for a sonogram - UGH! I wish you could post a sono of your little nugget!

Soooo DH and I went to the fertility doctor yesterday, and he went over our next steps for another baby. He doesn't think the c-section scar will affect our fertility. He saw it on the monitor, though - its clean, no issues with it. He also saw a dominant follicle, but he wasn't sure if it was a simple cyst or a follicle, so he took about a pint of my blood to check into it. He's going to call me back today with the results.

We're going to try naturally for a while, but no expectations. After last year, I don't have high hopes that we can conceive without assistance. It's worth a shot for a few months until we get anxious. Thoughts?

Ugh I can't believe I'm going back on this road again...I hope its easier the second time around.

Keep me posted on your progress!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:32 am

Hi :)

I feel pretty good. I'm very tired other than that everything else is here and there, moody, achy lower back, and only a few days of feeling pretty yucky. I should have had a sono by now but my drs office is a mess , so my appointment is in about 2 weeks.

How did all your labs come back?? Maybe you'll be shocked and get a bfp quickly, you never know!! Did they clear you for pregnancy? Maybe it's just where I'm at but they advised me not to try for so long to let my uterus and incision area fully heal. Maybe it was just precaution?? Maybe your body got the idea and now it'll do it on its own!! Good luck!! That's pretty exciting!!! Maybe Thomas will get a little sister!!!! Are you gonna use opks?

How's Thomas doing, how are you!?

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:54 pm

Hey Christy!

2 more weeks for a sono isn't so bad. I'm sure it feels like an eternity. I can relate to your fatigue, achiness, and feeling just yucky. I was relieved when I hit the second trimester and started feeling better, but fatigue never goes away!

How are your kids doing? Do they know that you are pregnant?

Well the labs came back with my estrogen level over 100, which looks promising for an O day in the next few days. The problem is that they cannot tell me for sure if I'll O or if the follicle will just sit there with no growth for weeks. Breastfeeding makes it hard for them to give me a definitive answer. So they told me to BD every day for a few days and wait a couple of weeks, like a normal cycle. I''m frustrated because I thought the blood work would give them a better idea of what is going on with me. Seems like they are still clueless!

My OB told me that I can start TTC after 3 months (my c-section was low lying, healed nicely), but if I want a VBAC, I should get pregnant after 6 months. The fertility doc saw my scar in the uterus, and he said it looks really good and healed. I'm not expecting to get pregnant right away, but I would feel better (emotionally) just knowing that we're TTC. Make sense? Or am I being foolish?

I think I"ll do the OPKs next cycle. I feel like it could be a waste if I'm not Oing this time. No? Ugh I'm confused!!

Keep me posted!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:19 pm

I've really felt pretty good until the last few days, besides being tired and minor cramping I wouldn't have even known but the last few days have definitely been rough. I hope it doesn't last lol

They are so bored with winter and being in the house that they are being naughty. They do know and they are excited. My daughter keeps saying "My sister" but I think it's a boy :)

I'm shocked they aren't gonna rescan you to see what that follicle does! Is this the same place you went when you got pregnant with Thomas? A rescan would give you some answers at least, that is frustrating..

Okay I couldn't remember the time frame of the wait time in between pregnancies post section. Are you interested in doing a VBAC?? I wanted to try after my daughter but I ended up with a section. I figured you were healed up and good to go. Have you started af post birth or has breastfeeding kept it at bay? Maybe it's a stupid question but with no af due to breastfeeding do you o? This isn't meaning you I just mean in general .

Don't be confused, you'll take the next steps when you're ready and feel it's right. You'll start them when you're ready :) try to relax and let instinct/gut guide you and you'll be pregnant before you know it !!

Any weekend plans? We have a lake effect storm coming starting today :(

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:07 pm

Hey Christy,

I wanted to do a VBAC, but there is a very good chance that I'll end up with a c-section again because the first was a c-section. It seems that problems arise after the first pregnancy that make c-sections more likely. Plus, I am more likely to have placenta previa again, so I probably won't have a say in the matter. We will see.

No, I haven't gotten my period back yet. I would be getting my first period in the next couple of weeks because my dominant follicle was ready to be released when they saw it last week. Basically, I would be trying to catch the first egg post-pregnancy. BUT, there is no way to be sure that the follicle was actually going to O or not. It looked like it, and my hormone levels were promising. A re-scan would have helped, but they weren't interested in it. It's very frustrating, for sure.

They encouraged me to completely wean Thomas before TTC again, but I don't want to completely wean him yet. Is it always "all or nothing" with fertility? I see a lot of women get pregnant while breastfeeding. Thomas is on formula during the day, and I only breastfeed him at night - I go almost 12 hours a day without feeding him. I guess we will see what happens next week.

In any case, they put me back on vitamin d (5000IU a day) because it was low again. Blah! I go back for bloodwork again in a month.

I hope your perfect little peanut is happy and healthy! I think its a boy too, but I'm bias. Little boys are the BEST! I'm happy to hear that your kids are excited about it. Some kids get jealous and destructive. One less issue to worry about, right?

Anything new coming up? When do your kids go back to school?

No plans for me. I never have time anymore. I have to dye my hair for 2 weeks now and I haven't had time! I guess that makes the TWW go faster, right?

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:14 am

Morning :)

I pray that all goes well and you'll be able to have a v-bac, that would be amazing! I always felt like after my section I would be able to go through a natural delivery, my stomach muscles were so weak but of course over time it all healed up better than I could have imagined.

Fx, baby dust and tons of prayers that your second time around is much easier than your first! An eastbgo of things this time around would be nice, you guys took hit after hit last time! Where are you in dpo, do you have any idea?

I wouldn't want to wean him either, tons of women get pregnant while breastfeeding!! It's not impossible by any means! You aren't strictly nursing anyways. Why do they suggest that?

That vitamin d is the lack of sunshine lately ;) I can't wait for spring!! Are you going to start opks and temping after this cycle?

My appointment is tomorrow but I'm not sure when my scan will be, sometime this week I'm guessing! The dr is affiliated with the local hospital so I have to call the hospital and schedule my scan there, more waiting lol. I'm so excited to hear the heart beat, tomorrow seems like it's so far away lol.

Have a great day!!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:02 am

Hey Christy!!

How was your scan? Whats the HR? Are you going to find out the gender before 20 weeks? I hope that all is great!

As for me, AF arrived on Friday, so my lp was only 7 days! :( bummer. I read that for the first couple of cycles postpartum, a short lp is very common. Google research says that I should take b-complex, but I'm afraid to take it while breastfeeding. Maybe it'll regulate on its own?

Are you going to try for a VBAC?

I agree about the breastfeeding thing. The doctors are treating me like a disease because I am breastfeeding my son. They don't want to monitor me or help me in any way. I thought that a lot of women get pregnant while breastfeeding?? Its disheartening.

In any case, DH and I agreed to BD EOD starting on Friday until the end of the cycle (or at least, until I think O day is long gone). I can't temp because I don't get 4 hours of sleep at a time right now (Thomas is a terrible sleeper). I bought OPKs on amazon, so maybe that will help, but I usually miss the lh because its a short window. We will see. Any suggestions? What a mess!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:36 am


My scan went really good! 175 bpm and very active, it was all over the place in there lol. It measured just a few days big bumping me from 9/2 to 8/31 for a due date. Thank god I finally got to see that heartbeat and get the confirmation I felt I needed before I could open up and tell anyone besides close/immediate family.

You could not take the b complex for a few cycles and see what happens naturally, if it doesn't start to regulate, which it should I would think, then you could always start it. What's great about this is your body is readjusting and after a few cycles hopefully things will straighten out and I pray with everything that I am that you'll get a huge shock and naturally get your bfp within a reasonable time frame! There's always hope!! :)

I am no going to try for a vbac , my ob said I'd need to be transferred out for delivery to a much bigger hospital. After 2 sections he said that risk is fairly high so we opted for a repeat section.

There are women who definitely get pregnant while nursing! You wouldn't be a rare crazy case, I don't understand their frame of thinking..??..

If you buy the wondfos or other cheapies from Amazon then have no hesitation to test multiple times a day. If your window is really short I'd test as many times a day as you could so you don't miss it .

As soon as af straightens out you're well on your way and I'd like to have hope that your body knows what it needs to do now that it's done it before! I have so much hope for you guys :)
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