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Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 1:25 pm
by Ckatta14
Hi :)

We did go to the scan, we finally got to see that our peanut is a little princess :) she finally cooperated!

Mother's Day was good, fairly low key which was nice! I'm glad your Mother's Day went nicely! Hosting is always a lot of work! its nice that you have the room to host that many people without things getting cramped!

I'm impressed with your ability to keep that bad schedule, I never could keep at it like that lol. You definitely covered your bases, fx'd! You working is 100% between you and your Dh , so many women work and their kids are just fine going to daycare or being watched by a relative. It's bs that he had to defend the fact that you're a working mother!!

You're closing in on af time, feeling anything different? Are you testing at all? Don't be defeated, not yet. Thomas is still nursing and you still have time. Have you guys talked any more about getting back on meds? Would you start with femara/iui again?

I hope your weekend was good. It's back to work tomorrow so I'm trying to get all my house work done before the craziness of work and weekday sports start lol.

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Tue May 23, 2017 12:04 pm
by scarletWillow3086
Hey Christy!
On your beautiful, perfect, gorgeous little baby GIRL!!! YAY! Have you thought of/agreed on a name yet?

I'm so friggin happy for you! You must be thrilled!

Yes, I am closing in on this cycle - I should be getting AF sometime between tomorrow and Friday. I think AF is coming. I've been getting on and off cramps for a week. I feel this pit in my stomach like its coming any minute, and it makes me so sad because we really tried soooo hard this month to make it work. I'm beyond upset, and it hasn't even happened yet.

I know that the IUI/medications are still on the table, but we probably won't try that until Thomas is a year old, in September. In the meantime, we're spinning our wheels trying to get pregnant on our own and its just not happening. We're trying our best, and it isn't good enough. I'm really sad today.

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2017 3:42 am
by Ckatta14

Thank you! No we have thrown out a few names but we've not really done any serious talking about it, we are such slackers lol. We haven't bought anything either, so unprepared. School will be over by the end of June then I'll have the time to shop and start getting ready.

You did try hard this month but try not to let it defeat you even if she does show up. I really do have a good feeling about you guys :) your time is coming!

How is Thomas doing?

September will be here before you know it but hopefully by then you won't need meds or an iui. Hioefulky you'll get pregnant during summer so you deliver before summer hits again. I'm not looking forward to a hot summer pregnancy lol.

Stay positive. It's hard traveling down the road of infertility but keep some faith and hope :)

Any Memorial Day weekend plans?

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Sat May 27, 2017 6:52 am
by scarletWillow3086
Hey Christy,

Guess what????

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Sat May 27, 2017 6:48 pm
by Ckatta14
I told you I had a good feeling!!!!!! Aaaaahhhhhh congratulations!!!!!!! All your hard work paid off!! This is so amazing I'm so happy for you! What an awesome Memorial Day gift :)

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 8:25 am
by scarletWillow3086
Hey Christy!

How's it going? Are you getting a lot of kicking now? How did your kids react when you told them the baby's a girl? It's going to be a very busy summer getting things ready for you! That's exciting!

I went to the doctor yesterday, and they confirmed that I am around 5 weeks pregnant. Its very early and no heartbeat can be detected yet (they don't start seeing heartbeats until 6+ weeks apparently), which means that this is a critical time. They took my blood, and the doctor said that my levels show early pregnancy, but thats all. Ultrasound showed a yolk sac, but that's it.

So I see the doctor again next week. They hope to see a heartbeat by then because if its there, then we can breathe a sigh of relief for a little while. In the meantime, I've been nauseous on and off, and I'm drinking ginger tea like mad. It was similar to my last pregnancy where I had low-level nausea ongoing for weeks, but not to the point of actually throwing up. I was hoping not to experience the nausea this time because its the second pregnancy, but boy am I wrong.

I was addicted to caffeine from my coffee splurges, so I had to stop drinking it over the weekend and I had this awful caffeine withdrawal migraine which led to MORE nausea and then there I was, at 1:00am vomiting for an hour. Ugh. Well the caffeine withdrawal is over now.

I haven't told anyone yet except my husband. I want to see if there's a heartbeat next week and then go from there. My husband thinks I should tell my mom, but I don't want to. I need time to get through this critical period first. When did you tell your mom?

Anyway, wish me luck on next week's ultrasound!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:50 pm
by Ckatta14

Completely normal check up it sounds like. This is a critical time but it's all gonna be just fine. Even if they can't see a heartbeat next week it will be within the next week or two I'd think. I didn't go to the dr until I was 11 weeks so I'm not sure what you should see by when. I'm sure all is going as intended. This is all so exciting!! I'm so happy for you guys!

I didn't have any nausea until I was further along. I hope this is short lived for you and doesn't get bad. Mine was awful , I ended up losing 22 lbs. Does the tea help to ease the nausea? I pray that this passes quickly and you feel good. It's hard feeling yucky so often.

We told our parents Christmas Day. We didn't tell anyone else until we were almost 12 weeks and had a sonogram. We found out on Christmas Eve so we told our parents quickly. That's personal choice , if you want to wait until you have confirmed a heartbeat that's okay too. Whatever you are comfortable with.

The kids were excited. My daughter said all along it was a girl so she was ecstatic, my son was like okay haha. A man of few words lol

Have a good end of the week!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:54 pm
by scarletWillow3086
Hey Christy.

Hows it going? Are your kids ready for summer? Haha I figured your daughter would be excited for a sister. Boys generally aren't as excited about babies than girls.

So I'm going to copy and paste what I wrote in my pregnancy wall today. So much going on:

I had my scan yesterday, and they found a heartbeat at 110bpm, consistent with 6 weeks and change. But, they also found abnormalities. The doctor sent me to the high risk doctor for evaluation because he wanted to make sure that my pregnancy wasn't a 'molar pregnancy'. Molar pregnancies are rare apparently, and the embryos are not viable. We were a total wreck yesterday.

Today we saw the high risk doctor and he doesn't think the abnormalities are enough to assume its molar, and he wants me to come back in 2 weeks and see how things go. It could just be a normal variation in pregnancy. In the meantime I'm an absolute wreck. The hb is there, but I'm just a wreck and sobbed all through the exam. He said in two weeks, the pregnancy will have progressed and we can see if there's any more cause of concern, but he said he's not really worried yet. But I AM! Ugh.

I don't know what end is up anymore. I was so upset today, and now I'm just exhausted. I have to wait 2 weeks to see if this pregnancy is really a pregnancy? What if it isn't? Anyway..I'm sure my blood pressure and anxiety is insane, so I have to sit with that for 2 weeks. I'll be praying every night until then.

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:50 am
by Ckatta14
Hi :)

My daughter is done with school as of yesterday but my son and I being at the elementary aren't done until the 24th. So close to summer break lol.

Oh my gosh scarlet... Im so sorry to hear all of this. Of course you're worried I would be too but I have faith everything will be okay! How are you guys holding up? Do you go back to your normal dr in this two weeks at all? I'm not sure what a molar pregnancy is?? Try not to let this overwhelm you (I know it's hard) and try to stay positive. You'll know more soon, for now there's a heartbeat with a quickly growing precious baby in there! These two weeks will probably feel like the longest two weeks of your life. Did you decide to tell your mom or anyone else about your pregnancy yet or are you waiting?

How has Thomas been?

I am feeling kicks in the low pelvic area (bladder, crotch) not a lot up in the actual tummy area. I'm getting concerned, ingonto the dr Thursday so I'm going to talk to him about it and see what he says.

I hope you're holding up okay, stay strong. Lots of prayers headed your way!!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:56 am
by scarletWillow3086
Hey Christy,

Yeah we're both very worried. The high risk doctor was nice enough (he didn't have the best bedside manner), but two weeks is a long time to wait. The good thing is that I'm still nauseous and no cramps or bleeding. If I was spotting or if my symptoms went away, then I'd be driving myself crazy.

My regular OB/gyn offered to see me sometime this week if I am extremely anxious, but I haven't called him. I am taking it day by day. A part of me doesn't want to know what is going on, and as long as I'm still sick and I'm able to stay distracted, I'm dealing with it. The high risk doctor said that it takes a good two weeks with embryo development to see if there is any cause for concern, so i'm trying to honor his advice.

In my case, the doctor says I am at risk for a partial molar pregnancy. That is where two sperm fertilize an egg, causing an extra 23 chromosomes and the pregnancy is not viable (they typically pass on their own, or it would have to be terminated). The cells left behind may cause cancer, so I would have to be monitored for at least 6 months before ttc again.

I haven't told anyone. I don't want to because I only want to tell my mom if its good news. DH told his father about it, which really REALLY pissed me off. Now his father will want updates, and I told DH that i am not interested in doing that. It's my body and I don't want my father in law receiving updates on it.

I just hope that the doctor doesn't tell me to wait ANOTHER two weeks after this next appointment. That would totally suck.

Thomas is in the middle of his 8-month sleep regression right now, so he's basically sleeping like a newborn. Ugh. Its been rough. Otherwise he's crawling and standing and ready to move. I may be up the same times as you in the middle of the night in September! Its not easy!

I wouldn't be too concerned about the kicks, but I understand that you will be worried about it anyway. Maybe your placenta is on your tummy and you can't feel them? It sounds like your baby is breach right now, or maybe she is facing the opposite way, with her back to your tummy? You have nothing to lose in asking your doctor. How was your anatomy scan?

One more week and summer is here! Is your pool all set up this year? Lol

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:44 am
by Ckatta14
Hi :)

I'm very glad to hear you're feeling the early pregnancy symptoms still! I'm sure that brings comfort to you. I pray this next week goes fast for you guys so you can get some answers abd hopefully relax while your peanut continues to grow.

Two weeks is a long time to wait for something like this but honoring his advice is the only thing you can do unfortunately. I completely understand the part of you that doesn't want to know what's going on, I think it's a completely natural thought that would go through my mind too. When do you go back?

I would be upset if my Dh told someone when I asked him not to as well but my first thought is maybe he needed someone to talk to about it? I would make it very clear you are not giving any updates until you are ready and that's all there is to it. I wouldn't want anyone asking anything right now, it's aggravating and it's not something I'd want to keep discussing, when I know and am ready you'll know too. I completely understand why you're upset regarding it, I would have been too!

Damn you just can't seem to catch a break. Im so sorry all of this is going on but stay positive like I said right now you're feeling yucky (which has probably never been more comforting) and you're not bleeding. I like how you're seeing the good in your right now crappy situation, that's how you'll get through it (meaning the nausea and no bleeding)

He's crawling already!!!!????? Oh my gosh how time flies! What a big boy :)
He'll be walking before you know it. Now if he would just sleep hehe ;)

Our pool is open but it's green. It opened up crystal clear then we put the solar cover on and it turned green so we have that off and just treated it. The kids don't care they've been in it along with the neighborhood kids lol. I won't be getting in until I can clearly see my feet on the bottom haha.

I hope you're week goes quickly so you can get some answers.

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:55 pm
by scarletWillow3086
Hey Christy!

How are you feeling? Hope you are doing well. Are you wearing your summer maternity wear now? Can everyone spot you as pregnant?

Everything is going ok here. I'm very nauseous, most of the day. I'm getting very tired of being so sick because I still have to take care of my son and he's a handful. I'm very drained.

I went to the high risk doctor on Tuesday and he said that the abnormalities are starting to go away (the issues that used to take up 1/4 of my placenta are now taking up about 1/8 of my placenta - so this is good). The baby is looking good with a good heart rate. The doctor said that we're not out of the woods yet. He wants to see me again in 3 weeks, at which time he will take my blood for the chromosome test and also do an NT scan. After that, if all is well, he will tell me to wait until the 16 week anatomy scan (he wants to do mine early apparently). He thinks things are looking good and that we should be thinking positive. I'm not quite there yet, but I feel better than I did last week.

I'm not ready to tell anyone yet. I'm still sick, still worried, very tired, and I'm not 'excited' right now. I'm just so drained and stressed. Is that normal? Should I be excited right now? Christy I am so sick and I feel terrible that I can't be 100% for my son right now. And this whole thing with my placenta has taken so much energy from me. Is it bad that I don't want to tell my own mother yet? Ugh. I'd love to hear advice.

Anyway, 3 weeks until we reach the next hurdle. Hopefully before then my sickness will go away and I'll start feeling more positive. I think its also that I've been up with Thomas every 2 hours at night for over a week, my body is shutting down. Maybe things will get better next week.

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:47 am
by Ckatta14
Hi :)

That's great news, you're headed in the right direction!! In 3 weeks hopefully everything will be gone and you'll be cleared. I have a good feeling about it! I can fully appreciate you not feeling positive yet. It's hard to feel positive when you're worried all day every single day. You'll get there and when you are there you'll feel better about telling those that are close to you. You'll know when the time is right within yourself to tell anyone you want to know and no it's not terrible you don't want to tell anyone, the last thing I'd want is everyone calling me asking about it and/or updates, I wouldn't want to keep talking about it. You'll tell her when you're ready to talk about it.

Of course you're tired. The first leg of pregnancy is terribly tough with exhaustion as it is. I had a tough time taking care of my house, lawn and kids. I get it. But you'll power through it and come out on the other side. I was sick too, I lost 22 lbs in the beginning of my pregnancy which feeling like s**t all day long doesn't help your motivation when you're already tired. The stress you're going through, working, a baby, what you're feeling is completely normal. It's a lot of your plate. But again you'll somehow power through it all simply bc you have to and you'll be on the other side and in the next 3 months of pregnancy where you'll feel much better. As far as the baby goes, your Dh might need to help you more. I put a lot more responsibility on mine when I was feeling so yucky and it really was so much help. Any extra help he can give you right now that'll take anything off your plate would be helpful.

How far along are you now? Close to 2nd trimester?

I'm feeling okay. My back is screwed up again and giving me trouble, I've spent 3 weeks trying to straighten that out but it's not working. I'm praying the disc doesn't herniated again there will be nothing I can do for it if it does. Other then that I feel okay. I'm just run down and tired trying to keep up with it all.

How is your pool looking? We opened ours a few months ago (well he did not we lol ) it was crystal clear then we put our solar cover on and it went straight to swamp green so we've been shocking the crap out of it for a week to keep chlorine levels high, it's finally back to clear as of yesterday so hopefully we have no more issues.

Try to relax , I know it's hard , but give yourself some down time. It's going to be tough taking care of a baby and being pregnant so give yourself that extra time to just rest.

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:05 pm
by scarletWillow3086
Dear Christy,

How are you? I'm so sorry about your back! I hear that its the worst pain imaginable. Can you take anything (even a cortisone shot) to alleviate the pain? I would assume it would get worse as more strain on your body as you get to full term. What does your DH say? Yeah, "run down" is a good description for how I am feeling too. The heat doesn't help either. Did I tell you I hate the summer? LOL I think I must say it 1K times! I definitely hear you on the fatigue.

My pool is technically open, but we have yet to use it. Its in ground, and we don't have a heat pump, and its surrounded by pine trees that keep throwing needles into it. We are getting the trees removed at the end of the summer and then hopefully next year we can buy a heat pump so that we can actually use the darn thing. I won't go into a pool that's cold. It just won't happen.

Things haven't changed here. My nausea finally went away starting last week. I still have meat aversions, but otherwise at least I can take a shower without wanting to puke in the toilet. It was really rough there for a while.

It looks like I'm going to have to tell my mom this week. She is having a fourth of July party this weekend and it'll be difficult to not drink and eat the right foods without her knowing about it. Its fine, but I'm not thrilled about telling her yet. I'm sure she'll be supportive, but I wanted to tell her at a happier time. Right now we're just stressed.

Now that the nausea is getting better, I'm starting to feel better. Of course, that changes when Thomas doesn't sleep for ump-teen hours a night. Last night he gave me enough sleep time, so today I'm feeling like a normal human. LOL Every day is different.

Keep me posted on how your back is doing.

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:03 am
by Ckatta14
Hi! Happy belated 4th! How was your holiday?

I can't take or do much for my back other than Tylenol and stretch. It's been a little better the last few days, I'm sure it's going to be on and off the rest of my pregnancy.
I enjoy summer just not the heat. But I for sure hate winter lol. I don't like the heat or cold. Lol. Impossible to please :)

Ours isn't too bad. Crystal clear and 78*. I've only been In once bc it's said that swimming is one of the best exercises for sciatica. We luckily don't have any trees casting shade or throwing needles, what a pain to keep cleaned out. I'd take them down too lol. You can get solar heaters on Amazon for fairly cheap, my neighbor got them 2 years ago and loves them.

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, that's always a plus!! It's so tough being pregnant with other kids to care for. It's exhausting. How'd it go telling your mom?

I'm getting a sono next week at my appointment. My weight gain is not sufficient and they want to make sure that baby is growing as she should. I'm a little nervous about it. I just keep praying all is well.

Have a great week!