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Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:21 am

Hi scarlet

We had our appointment with the children's hospital yesterday. It was a long exhausting day. They scanned her again to thoroughly go over her, their equipment was much better than the stuff that's here in our small hospital. They got an estimated weight of 3lb11oz which I like better than 3lb2oz, we saw her "breathing", everything looked good. Our non stress test was passed with flying colors. They found/saw no deformities, my fluid is really good, and she's active. They were very blunt and honest.. I'm a confusing case, they are unsure as to why her growth slowed tremendously in the second half of pregnancy. He said there's a reason, he's got a lot of puzzle pieces and said the final/missing piece will present itself and he will figure out what's going on. He said there's a lot of reasons this could happen he just doesn't know what my reason is yet. So I will be seen at the perinatal center weekly for a scan and NST until delivery which will be up at the children's hospital. She's definitely going to be small and he wants her at the best place for her just in case she needs specialized care (which we completely agree with) . I will still see my ob weekly, I will still go to 1 NST at the local hospital and I'll see the high risk center for the growth scan and NST weekly as well. They are going week to week and will deliver when it's necessary or when I reach 39 weeks.
We got a lot of info today but it's a relief to hear them say she's not showing signs of distress thankfully but what's lurking in my mind now is what is the issue causing this, I am really nervous about that. Still not in the clear but definitely on high alert waiting for this missing piece to present itself.. They did another Doppler and never said anything about it , they just said everything looked okay so I'm assuming my other one was too.

I'm so glad we wouldn't have to travel as much as we thought either. The drive , even though worth it, would get old for us and our family that comes up with our kids to visit.

I wouldn't be shocked if we did end up having to formula feed. It's not my first choice but at this point my main focus is whats best for her. I have bottles just in case anyways lol.

I'm getting terrible round ligament pain. I'm sure your cramping is growing as well, that's a good sign she's getting cozy and getting bigger!! Do you have her name picked out??

I agree with you, don't tell until you're ready. If you need that scan, which I don't blame you for that peace of mind then good for you for holding out. I waited until I had my scan until I told anyone other than our parents/siblings. I'm sure they'll be excited and happy for you but you need to be sure you're comfortable and excited to share the news with them.

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better. That first trimester yuckiness is terrible especially when you have other kid(s) to take care of. Any plans this weekend?

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:10 pm

Hey Christy.

I'm happy to hear that your baby isn't in distress, the fluid is good, and there are no deformities or other issues. They seem confident that they will figure out the reason why this is happening with her. I'm sure that they will, I just hope it isn't something very serious so that you can deliver her on time, as opposed to premature. The closer to term, the better her lung maturity, etc.

To be honest, I'm very happy to hear that she will be delivered at the hospital because I'd hate to imagine her being transported there on emergency at the last minute. Plus the extra stress on you wouldn't be good. At least you know she'll be delivered there and doctors are on stand by.

It's my understanding that babies lose up to 10% of their body weight in the first few days (my son lost 8% body weight), so I'm sure they will be watching her weight after she is born and give her formula if needed. Do whatever is necessary, right? I know my sister's kids were formula fed from the get-go because they were underweight also.

Yes, I am getting cramping here and there, which is bothering me mentally - I always think there's a problem. I see the doctor on Thursday, so hopefully that will put my mind at ease. Then the anatomy scan is another 2 weeks later, which seems really far away right now. This month is kinda dragging. I want to get the anatomy scan done so that I can fully relax. Every cramp has gotten me a little shaken up.

As for names, that is a battle. As I said, we had a boy's name picked out, but not a girl's name. Our taste in girl names is very, very different. He likes all american names and I like longer, more feminine names. All of my favorite names he hates, and all of his favorite names I hate. So it looks like we will be picking a name that we both LIKE, but don't love. It's a compromise that we will have to deal with. We're stuck between two names right now (you never know, this could change tomorrow), and we haven't discussed it in a couple of weeks because we need a break from the argument lol. The two names we both like are Cassandra and Lydia.

Weekend was good. My mother and I took my son to a bay town area and walked along the main street, which was really nice. We had fresh fish and shopped in the little shops. It was good to get out. I feel so claustrophobic sometimes. This weekend DH and I are going to brunch at a seaside restaurant for my birthday. I'm looking forward to some time at a table being served without my son in my lap lol

I can't believe its August already! Are you shopping and preparing for delivery now? I'm guessing you should start school shopping soon? Yikes!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:06 am

Morning :)

As of right now a 39 week delivery is planned unless something changes and she needs to come out, it's not anticipated but we are being told that anything can happen to be ready every week just incase. I saw my regular ob yesterday and he says it's a placenta issue and the report from children's says "possible placenta malfunction " so I think they already have an idea as to what's going on but want to follow up on it more to be 100% sure.

I'm comfortable with being delivered up there. I don't like that I just get tossed from person to person. It's such a huge place with a huge team that you never know who you will see and the info you get is always a bit different. I do feel a tad uncomfortable not knowing my surgeon but I do know that it's best for her to be up there so I'll suck up my anxiety and minor fears to ensure she's in the best possible place for birth.

I asked about the nursing and supplement feeding. They said that colostrum is probably the best thing for her and as long as I can give her enough it should be okay but it's definitely not a closed optionnto formuka feed if we needed to, whatever is going to be best for her is fine by us. We have no set plans anymore, that all changed and became we will do whatever is best for her.

Are you being monitored closely bc of the tumor/clot? Thursday is almost here and hopefully they'll give you reasons why you're cramping. I'm sure it's nothing but having that reassurance really takes the weight off your shoulders.
July was here and gone but August seems to feel like it really is taking forever lol. Maybe because I'm just antsy I don't know but it really is feeling like a day has 48 hours haha.

Those are both very pretty names! I don't think either is a bad pick!! We haven't decided on a name either. We are the same way, what he likes I don't and what I like he doesn't. He has a name picked out but I'm not sold yet, I don't hate it but I don't love it either. I just hope that we can also find one we both like and agree on lol.

Getting out like that sometimes is just the breath of fresh air that's needed. It sounds really nice and relaxing. I'm glad you got some time out and with your mom. I'm sure you'll enjoy you're brunch with your Dh as well, that's really great! It at times feels like alone time is no more when you have kids lol.

My school shopping is done! Clothes, shoes and supplies are all bought already! There were a few stores having really good sales so most of it I got for great prices! I wanted to get it out of the way anyways, it was just one less thing to worry about.

Keep me posted on your appointment Thursday!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:00 pm

Hey Christy,

Any news on the placenta problem? Any results received yet?

I'm glad she is still scheduled for a 39 week delivery because at least she'll be full term and her lungs will likely be working perfectly. Hopefully you'll make it as long as possible. I'm sure you want to keep her comfortable as long as needed.

I know its probably not fun to get thrown into a new hospital, new doctors, new staff, etc all within weeks of delivery. I can't imagine that being easy to wrap your head around. It takes time to get comfortable with new doctors and you are given almost no time to warm up. I understand completely. Unfortunately by the time you DO get comfortable, it'll all be over by then lol. All you can do is take many, many deep breaths and take it as it comes. Lean on your husband for support, too. Sometimes you need someone else to think straight instead of you lol

Otherwise, hows your back? How are you feeling? How are your kids doing with all of this?

I go to the doctor every 2 weeks right now. I see my high risk doctor once per month and then my OB once per month, so every 2 weeks I see one of them. They are watching the tumor/clot every time, but they are being optimistic that it isn't growing anymore. Last week, I saw my OB and he said everything looks good. The tumor/clot is still there but it looks smaller now that I am growing. The baby is perfect. He says its a beautiful baby in there! I saw her five fingers this time, which was amazing (and strange, since I'm hardly showing yet). I guess the cramping is just growing pains, but I am happy to see that she is doing well, and I get nervous every time I see the doctor and wait for the ultrasound results.

I look like I am eating too much, but I don't look pregnant. I am scheduled to tell extended family at the end of next week, at 16 weeks (after the anatomy scan). I can't wait much longer than that because I am growing. Soooo I held it off as long as I could. My parents are thrilled for me to tell people, but I'm not quite there yet. I'm still nervous and edgy. We will see how everything goes next week.

We have stalled on the name for now. We might start over, who knows. Time is on our side, thank goodness. I wish I had a name in my head that DH and I both loved, but its not happening. Ugh. We will see what happens.

Keep me posted!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:38 pm


I just wanted to hop on real quick to update you. We welcomed our tiny but fierce little girl on Thursday! She was 3lbs10oz when born. We just got home from the hospital so I'm gonna go rest it's been a rough few days.
I'll jump back on and respond to your last message in a little bit !!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:35 am

Oh my goodness!



On your beautiful, perfect, petite little girl! I'm so happy for you!

How are you feeling? What happened with delivery? Did everything go smooth? Is she still at the hospital? Are you staying at the hospital? What did you name her?? Ahhhh!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:53 am


how are you doing?? What's going on with you?? Fill me in on what I've missed!

Im sore but to be honest this surgery with highly trained surgeons that have so much more experience has been a much easier recovery then I've ever had or ever expected, it was a welcomed surprise!

We went to children's for our weekly check, I had decreased movement for 12 hours but my NST came back okay so they kinda brushed it off then when they scanned me I had very little fluid left and she hadn't gained in 2 weeks so they started at that point putting things in motion, I was taken to L&D by 5 pm my peanut was born just after 8. They left her in the OR with us for about a half hour (she came out screaming so that was an amazing thing to hear) when I went to recovery they took her to the NICU but she was cleared within an hour and sent back to recovery with me!!! She stayed in our room with us but had a hard time maintaining her body temp so the first 24 hours we did a lot of skin to skin contact to keep her warm, she couldnt stabilize her sugar levels so they had to give her a supplement to get her levels up (if these didn't stabilize she'd go back to NICU) less than 24 hours in her temp stabilized but her sugar didn't, they were constantly poking her checking her sugar levels (it was really heartbreaking, her feet were completely black and blue) she did over a few days stabilize her sugar finally, she passed every other test hearing, the car seat test, echocardiogram, so everything looked good but then her bilirubin levels spiked but not to a high enough level to treat and her head ultrasound came back as inconclusive bc her fontanel was too small to be able to do the scan. There was so much testing, poking and prodding that it broke my heart to watch it happen and listen to her scream. She was constantly in and out of the room for testing, they were doing it all to just ensure that she's okay and there's not a reason for her growth restrictions other than placenta malfunction. That's why we were sent there and they really are doing great things to make sure she's okay. She dropped from 3lb10oz (birth weight) to 3lb5oz so they weren't going to let her leave bc even though that's normal she didn't have that much to lose. So long story short (that's the jist of it) she miraculously stabilized everything over night and was able to be discharged with me and has been home and making great progress since! We are still going to children's for testing and ultrasounds, we are seeing the pediatrician twice a week for weight checks and they have her on a high calorie frequent feeding eat schedule, I'm pumping and adding a high calorie formula to my milk and feeding every 2-3 hours to hopefully encourage healthy weight gain! It's been a lot of stress and worry , it's been one hell of a week but we are surviving! It's so much harder going from 2-3 kids than it was going from 1-2, I'm really struggling to find my daily schedule and fitting it all in but in time it'll all smooth itself out, it's only been just over a week but it's been a rough adjustment but not one I would ever change! Going from my baby being almost 8 to a newborn agsin is tougher than I had ever imagined but I'm so In love with her and my other babies, it's all so worth it! We named her Kensi Adalyn

So fil me in on everything with you guys!! Hope you're doing well!!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:34 pm

Hey Christy!

It sounds like a harrowing ordeal with your baby! She seems like a feisty, strong little girl. For her to be able to come into the world at 3 pounds 10 ounces, and go home so quickly after that is amazing. She sounds like a true miracle! LOL I am so sorry about the pokes and prods that she dealt with - I'm sure that was hard to watch. I'm glad that you got comfortable with the children's hospital and was happy with their care - it sounds like their quality of care was top notch - much better than the so-so care that you got before from your other doctor.

I'm happy to hear that you are breastfeeding, but in the beginning that is really hard because it is literally every 2 hours, every day, no break whatsoever. And with two others that must be doubly hard. I hope that your husband is helping any way he can and that your children understand that this is temporary.

Kensi is a beautiful name. I have heard it before, but only rarely, which is really nice. Plus its easy to pronounce, so most likely people won't butcher the name. Good choice!

Not much has been missed on me. I told the extended family about my pregnancy on Saturday, and that was a huge shock for everyone. They thought I'd wait 2+ years because of all of the sleep deprivation I've had with my first (which has been awful, can't lie), so they were very surprised. I also did the gender reveal with cupcakes this time (with pink pastry filling), and it went well. The first anatomy scan was last week, and everything came back perfect. The blood clot/tumor is still there, but it hasn't grown in size, so we are feeling good at this point. We have another anatomy scan at 20 weeks in mid-September. Otherwise, I wait for my next regular OB appt on the 31st.

I hope that you are getting some rest and are recovering well from surgery. Keep on popping those pills because 1 missed pill and I was in agony. I stopped the painkillers after 2 weeks I think. Its good to accept help from your family right now because this is a rough time. Keep me posted on your daughter's weight gain! :D

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:54 pm

Hi scarlet!!

She really is a strong little thing! She had a few bumps in the road but it didn't take long thankfully for her to overcome them! I'm truly grateful that she could come home and do so well.

Right now I'm pumping and bottle feeding. She needed the bottle nipple bc it's bigger. We are also fortifying my milk with a high calorie formula, it is a lot and my kids are so good about understanding and being patient. They have really been so good with me and with her, it was a huge relief. I didn't want them to be jealous.

I'm glad you finally have enough comfort to tell your family, that's amazing! How has Thomas' sleep been lately? I'm sure that's really hard with being so tired from pregnancy as well. The fact that your clot/tumor hasn't grown is fantastic!! Are they just going to keep a watchful eye on it?

I love the gender cupcakes! What a cute idea! I didn't do anything fun like that abdcwish now I would have.

The loss of sleep and adjustment to having a baby again has been a little rough. I wouldn't change it for the world though, I just forgot what it was like to have a newborn with my son turning 8 soon. It's been almost 3 weeks and we are finally getting each other figured out a little bit. I got my tubes tied and I have to say after going back to the baby world after so long I'm fairly sad to know that this is it for us even though i know it's the right choice.

How have you been feeling?? Are you getting a belly?

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Thu Aug 31, 2017 2:12 pm

Hey Christy!

Just curious - what formula are you using? I didn't know what was recommended as "high calorie". Is it a prescription brand?

I would imagine that knowing that this is your last newborn must be bittersweet. At the same time, you must have your hands tied so much, its hard to have the time to think about it. I think about that sometimes when I look at my son when he sleeps at night. I always wanted to have at least 3 children, and I'm hoping my husband will be open to a third in a couple of years. I wish we could afford many children, but our finances are what they are. If only we could win the lottery!

How is your daughter sleeping? I would expect that she's up every 2 hours, but I was curious if she is a "laid back" baby or a high energy one like my son.

Thomas has finally found himself a sleeping pattern. He wakes up the same times every night, 2 or 3 times per night. I do get 3 hour stretches, which is all I could hope for. I do not expect to get more than 4 hour stretches of sleep for at least another year, so my body has learned to adjust. Luckily, he goes back down to sleep fairly easily right now, but we are co-sleeping. I am hoping that when he turns over a year old and is walking a lot, he will only wake up once or twice per night, which is good for transitioning to overnight crib sleep. Otherwise I'll be up and down like a ping pong ball and my sleep will be close to zero. He is also night weaned now. He did that naturally about a month ago.

The gender reveal cupcakes were very cute. I'm glad we did it because the pink filling was adorable. Honestly I'm still shocked I'm pregnant. I'm going to be shocked for another 5 months until I'm too big to ignore it anymore haha

I'm starting to show now. I'm showing a lot earlier this time. I'm growing the EXACT same way. I'm getting big all over. My body seems to grow the same way, no matter the gender.

How is your daughter's weight growing? Are you still on oxy? Are you feeling better? Keep me posted.

Have a wonderful Labor day weekend!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:21 am

Okay.. let's try this again.. this is my 3rd time trying to reply to your message, I get this long message typed out then it tells me there's an error and won't post it...

Hi!! How was your Labor Day weekend?

There's a few high calorie formulas but the one we are using to fortify my milk Is enfamil enfacare. She's doing a lot more nursing now so we aren't actually using the formula hardly at all anymore, we only use 1/4 tsp per ounce of breast milk in a bottle. I'd love to get rid of the bottle/pumping all together but when I go back to work she will still need to take a bottle and I'll need to provide milk so I'll stick with it.

If we bottle feed her she will sleep for 4-5 hours but when she nurses at night she's up every 2-3 hours. She's still building the muscle she needs to nurse enough to get what she takes in a bottle so she'll nurse until she's content and not full so she won't sleep as long. She's really not too bad about sleep most nights. I'm so glad you guys are on a schedule and your getting a few hours of sleep between wake up times. If he's night weaned do you bottle feed him in the night?

How have you been feeling? Feeling movement?? I can't believe you're almost halfway!!

She just over 4lbs now. The pediatrician is really happy with her growth thankfully. And her growth has stayed proportionate which is such a huge deal right now!!

I never took anything other than ibuprofen for my pain post surgery. They put a morphine block in my back with my spinal when doing surgery, it lasts typically 24 hours if not more. Mine lasted almost 2 days. It was absolute bliss to not hurt like hell. After it wore off I just used ibuprofen. I've never had a section with such a good recovery! I guess it makes a difference when going to a huge women's and children's facility compared to a small crap hole with an ob doing the surgery.

I feel so torn about going back to work. I want to but I don't want to.. it's so hard to leave her but I miss having a paycheck... I don't know what I'm going to end up doing..

Have a good week!!

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:19 pm

Hi Christy!

I know its been a very long time. Its been awful at work, I've been getting heavier and heavier, and my toddler is running me ragged. Plus his birthday was last month and we had a big party in our backyard with tents, etc. It was so much for me to handle, and I had an absolute meltdown the day before from pure exhuastion.

I hope that your baby girl is doing great. How is her sleeping? Are you doing better? How is your family adjusting?

I am starting to get big now. I start my third tri in 1 week, and its a lot for me. I also have more issues this pregnancy with varicose veins, water retention, back pain, c-section itchiness from the stretching, nose bleeds, ugh more than I can count. It's going to be a long road to birth, but its going by SO fast, faster than I expected.

Please check in every once in a while so that I know how you are doing! XXOO

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:44 am


I’m still here! I check the board a few times a week.

My girl pregnancies were waaaay worse than the pregnancy with my son, both times. It really is going by so fast. It’s nice that you’re busy so it is going quickly but I know how exhausting it is. We were running like crazy with back to back sports right after work plus still another kid and a home to take care of so I completely understand the exhaustion and it’s too much at times.

Happy 1st birthday to Thomas!! How is he doing??

We are really good. Tomorrow will be 11 weeks since birth.. I’m getting ready to head back to work which is absolutely heart shattering to leave her, it’s really a huge struggle for me. She’s over 7 lbs now. She’s growing and in proportion, thank god! She is getting into a sleep schedule at night so I pretty much know the times we will be up and her day sleep okay most of the time. It’s great to see her growing and changing every day.

Keep in touch. I hope that you get some relief from all the discomfort :( it’ll be over before you know it and you’ll have your little girl to hold.

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:56 am

Hi Christy!

If you can, please post a picture of your little girl. I would love to see her. I know its weird to post online, so I understand if you don't want to.

It's good that you have a rhythm now for sleep schedules. That is always very, very helpful. It is great that she is consistent and you can predict what will happen day by day. If she is 7 pounds, is she still wearing newborn clothes? Or did you transition her to 0-3 months yet?

How was Halloween? Did you go out on the town with all of your kids?

Things are going OK here. I am very tired, but time is going by very fast and we haven't really finished the baby's room yet. We have to order her nursery furniture and decorate. We thought we had so much time, and now its a race to the finish.

I am starting to get excited now about having another newborn. I am hoping that my son adjusts well to it, but I wanted a little girl so much, I am so excited to have her.

The blood clot/tumor in my uterus is still there, but its very small now and never grew, thank god. I just found out that i am severely anemic (thanks to my absolute hatred for all meat this pregnancy again), so I'm taking iron supplements now. There are definitely a lot more issues this pregnancy, and the doctor said that its because its a second pregnancy and things always come up that didn't happen in the first. I'm definitely feeling the effects on my body, and holding my toddler all over the place doesn't help either. I have a feeling that these last 3 months will go by REALLY fast, so its time to put the nursery together now! Ahhhh! So much to do!

Talk to you soon.

Re: Round 1/day 2 of clomid. Anyone else?

Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:50 pm


She is now almost 9 pounds! She’s now in newborn she was in preemie clothes. She’s fairly consistent in the night but some nights she’s thrown off and we don’t sleep at all but most nights she’s still up at least 3 times. She’s spoiled and doesn’t love being put down when she sleeps, we created a bad habit but it’s so hard not to love and snuggle on her all the time.

We did go trick or treating. It was snowing and freezing cold! My daughter was miserable and my son was running all over lol, total opposites haha. What did you guys do for Halloween?

It does go by so much faster when you’re busy with work and other your kid(s). It’ll be the end before you know it and your princess will be coming home! Have you decided on a name for her yet? Little girls are so much fun. I love clothes shopping and putting little bows in and headbands on (when they’re young and don’t pull them out lol) . I’m so glad you’ll have the best of both worlds!

How’s Thomas doing? How are you feeling? I couldn’t tolerate any sort of meat either when I was pregnant with her. I couldn’t when pregnant with my other daughter either but my son it never bothered me.

Any thanksgiving plans, are you hosting? We of course are already booked for the entire day. Are you going to Black Friday shop? I can’t do the crowd, I stay home lol.

I hope you’re well!
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