Husband perscribed Clomid and Arimidex

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Husband perscribed Clomid and Arimidex

Postby Tommie » Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:39 pm

Okay, my husband was diagnosed with low sperm count last friday and his urologist perscribed Clomid (to boost his testosterone) and Arimidex (to limit Estrogen) in an attmept to bring his count up. It is only at 5 million. I work at a healthcare facility and we frequesntly use to check for drug interactions on patient medications. I decided to double check them, since he actually has normal testosterone levels, and I have a concern that this may increase them too much. What I found disturbed me. The Clomid will be fine, since he has dr appts ever few weeks to double check his levels, but the Arimidex description tells patients to avoid contact with patient bodily fluids due to the fact that this medication can be excreted through them, including semen. So, basically, its saying no sex without condoms. Umm....isn't that defeating the purpose of trying to conceive? Has anyone else had any experience with these medications in men? Also, if he does take it, and we do have intercourse, could this possibly accect my Estrogen levels, giving us another problem to deal with?
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