Clomid Round 2, Induced AF? Huh? *Advice needed

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Clomid Round 2, Induced AF? Huh? *Advice needed

Postby ucmeschug » Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:24 pm

Good Morning Ladies!!

Make a long story short: I started my cycle of Clomid on December 2nd-6th, I ovulated on the 12th of December. Today, I got AF!!

I really haven't been monitored by DR while on Clomid, my period wasn't induced when I took my first round of Clomid. She told me start taking it that day, the last time my DR induced my period by prescribing me Provera. Which I got it, that was in August or September. Than she started me on Clomid December 2nd with no induced AF.

Since than I was pretty nervous, since I was hearing it was different for everyone else. I thought maybe my DR was wrong and should have started me on provera first. Anyways....

I have PCOS, my period came without the help of Provera today. I know it came with the help of Clomid. Does this meaning that Clomid is working for me? Is it normal for it to induce AF?

TIA, I appreciate all the advice I can get. I'm starting my second round on cycle day 5-9 of my AF.

Baby Dust to you all! <3
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