Advice needed before doctors appointment about Clomid

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Advice needed before doctors appointment about Clomid

Postby MemmaJ » Sat Feb 14, 2015 7:39 am

Have been TTC for 8 months (and NTNP for one month before that). Found out at the beginning of December that I have PCOS and don't ovulate properly/regularly.
This was all diagnosed by ultrasound scan and basic hormonal blood results, after I went to the GP about my concerns regarding our lack of success and also some intermittent spotting throughout some cycles.

I was told at the time of diagnosis that this is obviously the problem (although OH has not had any tests), but that I'm not entitled to Clomid (or any fertility assistance) because I already have children (from 10 years ago), and those are the rules within my healthcare trust. I have never had a day 21 progesterone test or anything, as that classes as a 'fertility investigation'.

The doctor that told me all this was not my own GP, who I have always got on very well with. Yesterday I went back to my own GP out of frustration having not ovulated again this month, and asked her for Clomid.
I told her I'm happy to not be monitored with multiple scans etc, (as those are the things that I'm not entitled to). She knows I'm a healthcare professional myself, so I I reiterated that I know how to take it, I know the side effects and the signs of hyperstimulation etc, and basically that I am desperate as we can't afford private treatment.

She was very understanding but said that her gynae experience/knowledge is not wide enough to give me the go-ahead when I'm lot technically entitled to it, and asked me to make an appointment with another GP at the surgery who is a gynae specialist.

So I'm now seeing that other doctor next week, and I just wondered if anyone can offer any advice about what to do/say that might help my case on the day. I have considered buying it online if no-one will give me a prescription, but not sure whether to mention that or not.

Thank you in advance :-)
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Re: Advice needed before doctors appointment about Clomid

Postby Jzscott » Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:36 pm

Hi I didn't want to just read and run. Although I have no experience with not being able to be prescribed clomid I hope they will understand and go ahead and do it. I know of a lot of people who weren't monitored closely on clomid and their doctors didn't even think it was necessary. Maybe you could ask for a very low dose (25mg) and that would make them more likely to prescribe it. Whatever happens I hope it helps you!
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